League of Legends Wild Rift Counters

Below is a list of all League of Legends Wild Rift Counters for each Champion in the Game. This means you will find their Counter Picks, Synergy Combinations, and even Strong Against Match-Ups. We will explain more in-depth what each one of these means below.

  • Counters – Champions that have a considerable advantage against a specific Champion.
  • Strong Against – Champions that you will do good against as they DO NOT counter you pick.
  • Synergy – Champion that used in Combination with your pick complement each other very well.


LoL Wild Rift Counter Picks

LoL Wild Rift Counter Picks are based on how well a champion will do versus another champion. A lot of this is affected by Ability interaction as such for example, Champion like Xin Zhao, who Relays Heavy on auto-attack, will be easily countered by Jax, who can block Auto Attack with his E Ability.