Eternal Darkness
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Damage Type:
FP Cost Slots Fai Int Arc

Elden Ring Eternal Darkness is an Sorcery Spell. You will need to have a Glintstone Staff Equipped and 0 Faith, 35 Intelligence, 0 Arcane to cast this spell.

What It Does: Creates a dark space that draws in spells

Description: Forbidden sorcery of Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Creates a space of darkness that draws in sorceries and incantations. This sorcery can be cast while in motion. Originally a lost sorcery of the Eternal City; the despair that brought about its ruin made manifest.

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Where To Find Eternal Darkness Location in Elden Ring

How To Get the Sorcery Spell Eternal Darkness in ER.

Location How To Get

Eternal Darkness is a Incantation looted from a Corpse in a jail cell. Below, we will list the directions you can take in order to get this Incantation.

  1. First, head to the Sellia Under-Stair Site of Grace in Caelid
  2. Next, head south from the Sellia, Town of Sorcery until you come across the Swamp Lookout Tower
  3. Head inside into the jail cell and loot the Corpse inside to obtain the Eternal Darkness Incantation

Swamp Lookout Tower Location

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