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Elden Ring Gravity Sorcery Spells

List of all Gravity Sorcery Spells in Elden Ring; We include the stats such as FP Cost, Slots Required, and what stats are required to use each Gravity Sorcery spell and more. You can Click/Tap any of the Gravity Sorcery Spells to view even more information, such as Builds, Where To Find, and more.

Elden Ring Best Gravity Sorcery Spells To Use

List of Gravity Sorcery Spells, we also included our tier ranking for them and what they do when you cast.

Gravity Sorcery Spells List
Tier Name Type FP Slot INT FAITH ARC Effect
Gravity Well-image
Gravity Well
Gravity Sorcery
Magic 12 1 17 0 0 Fires a projectile of condensed gravitational force. Those struck by it will be pulled toward the caster. Charging enhances potency.
Meteorite of Astel-image
Meteorite of Astel
Gravity Sorcery
Magic 60 (12) 2 55 0 0 Calls a hail of small meteorites from the void.
Collapsing Stars-image
Collapsing Stars
Gravity Sorcery
Magic 18 (24) 1 36 0 0 Fires numerous gravitational projectiles. Any foes struck will be pulled toward the caster. Charging enhances potency.
Gravity Sorcery
Magic 30 (10) 1 30 0 0 Calls small meteorites down from the sky. The meteor shower continues for as long as the sorcery is in effect
Rock Sling-image
Rock Sling
Gravity Sorcery
Magic 18 1 18 0 0 Pulls a clumb of rocks from the earth and sends them flying. This sorcery can be cast while in motion.