How XP Works in Zelda TotK

Each scalable enemy has an experience threshold. When this threshold is reached, every instance of that enemy found in hyrule scales up to its higher rank. For example, when Link reaches 1,701 XP, all scalable Lizalfos will turn into Blue Lizalfos. The same enemies would then evolve into Black Lizalfos at 3,001 XP.

Keep in mind that Weapons, and Horns that are naturally attached to weapons can also scale up.

How To Level Up and Earn XP in Zelda TotK

You can earn XP by defeating certain enemies. Performing certain actions during a fight can give you additional XP. Keep in mind not all of these actions can be done and every enemy type. u/Echo_BotW goes way more into depth about how this works in a reddit post.

  • Perfect Parry
  • Hit the weak point (examples: Eye of Hinox, Headshot, etc)
  • Perfect Dodge
  • Defeat the enemy without taking damage