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Best Weapon Fuse Combinations for Zelda TotK

The best weapon fuse combination used to build powerful weapons, using various materials. You can add effects to weapons and in some cases completely transform the weapon into a new weapon.

Best Weapon Fuse Combinations
Fuse Name Object 1 Object 2 Effects
Spiked Iron Hammer
Spiked Iron Ball
Ruby Rod
Makes a Fire Casting Rod
Sapphire Rod
Makes a Ice Casting Rod
Topaz Rod
Makes a Shock Casting Rod
Ruby Scepter
Makes a Fire Casting Scepter
Sapphire Scepter
Makes a Ice Casting Scepter
Topaz Scepter
Makes a Shock Casting Scepter
Boulder Weapon
Used to mine Ore, and smash breakable walls
Bouncy Weapon
Any Mushroom
Creates a bounce effect when you attack enemies