Where To Find and How To Get Shard of Light Dragon's Fang

The Light Dragon is one of the four dragons found in Tears of the Kingdom's Hyrule and unlike the last game, the dragons are not on a set schedule to appear depending on the time of day. They, however, do follow a set path around an area, or in some cases all throughout Hyrule. Each dragon provides you with useful resources that can be used for upgrading your Gear, Elixirs and for Fusion on weapons. Below is a map of the route the Light Dragon takes whilst flying around Hyrule. Note; the Light Dragon is the only dragon that does not enter the Depths at any time during its path. After finding the Light Dragon, you can obtain a resource by shooting specific areas on the dragon using arrows. The Light Dragon is the only dragon of the four that will not shoot projectiles at Link while approaching. Note; You can only obtain one item that drops from the dragon by shooting an arrow per encounter, as there is a hidden cooldown for when you can break another material off. All dragons have shards of their spikes that can be acquired by picking them up while walking along their backs, this can be done easily by using a Skyview tower to fly down onto a dragon's back and does not require you to shoot it. After shooting a dragon, a piece of material will fly off toward the ground- where you will then be able to pick it up. Below is a list of resources that can be obtained from the Light Dragon.