Pokemon Go Pokestops

Pokemon Go Pokestops are Locations players can visit and receive free items. Players can also use Pokemon Go Pokestops to catch more Pokémon with a Lure module active. Niantic has stated they have plans in the future to further expand the functions of Pokemon Go Pokestops.

Pokemon Go Pokestop

Item Drop Rates

Drop Rate
Pokeballs / Great / Ultra
16 : 3 : 1
Potion / Super / Ultra / Max
10 : 4 : 2 : 1

What Type of Items Do I Get From Pokemon Go Pokestops

Pokestop Items
Item Types
Pokeballs | Great Balls At Level 12+ | Ultra Balls At Level 20+
Razz Berry At Level 8+
Potion At Level 5+ | Super Potion At Level 10+ | Hyper Potion At Level 15+ | Max Potion At Level 25+
Revive At Level 5+ | Max Revive At Level 30+

How Do Pokemon Go Pokestops Work?

Step 1:

Locating a Pokestop in Pokemon Go is rather easy if you live in a highly populated area. If you are not sure what a Pokéstop looks like, view the image below.

Pokestops Pokemon Go

Step 2:

You will need to be close enough to activate it and receive free items. When your trainer is close enough the shape of the Pokéstop will change.


Pokemon Go Pokestop Farming

Players will farm Pokéstops to fill their bag up with Pokéballs, Potions & Revives while gaining experience & Hatching Pokémon Eggs in the process.

The strategy is to find a cluster of these bad boys and to farm them repeatedly working around their cooldown.

Pokestop Farming

These Refresh Every 5 Mins

Players can earn around 100+ Pokeballs Every 30 minutes from doing this. This is an excellent way to have plenty of Pokéballs without having to buy them.

While Players can earn around 15,000+ Trainer XP every 30 minutes from farming Pokestops with a Lucky Egg Active. Depending how many pokemon are near you this can be more or less within a half hour.

You will earn XP from visiting a Pokemon Go Pokestop

50XP Per Visit – 100XP Per Visit with Lucky Egg Active.

If you spin 10 unique in a row with no more than 10 minutes between stops, the tenth will go critical.  It’ll guaranteed drop at least 6 items and 100 experience.

Even if you’re full on items, they still give you XP.

What Can We Expect From Pokemon Go Pokestops In The Future?

Niantic has announced big plans to expand how Pokéstops function in Pokemon Go.

Players will be able to customize their local Pokéstop in many ways, one feature they plan to add is Pokemon Centers.


Pokemon Centers will allow players to heal their Pokemon up for free!

This had lead players to speculate other features that may be added in the future, such as Pokemon trading centers and breeding centers.

You Can Read More About Pokemon Go Centers Here: Pokemon Go Centers

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