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Elden Ring Unendurable Frenzy

Unendurable Frenzy
Spell Type:
Damage Type:
FP Cost Slots Fai Int Arc

Elden Ring Unendurable Frenzy is an Incantation Spell. You will need to have a Sacred Seal Equipped and 31 Faith, 0 Intelligence, 0 Arcane to cast this spell.

What It Does: Emits violent burst of yellow flame of frenzy from eyes.

Description: Incantation originating from the maddening Three Fingers. Causes the yellow flame of frenzy to violently burst forth from the caster's eyes. Hold to continue channeling the flame. This incantation can be used while in motion. It is the maddening pain and unstoppable tears of those afflicted with the flame of frenzy brought into being.

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