WoW Classic Fire Mage Build


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Fire Mage Build Guide is focused on PVE content due to the large amounts of AOE damage this spec can output. You can also use this Fire Spec Build in PVP, but you will have to deal with long Cooldowns and a Lack of CC. However, when you do have your spells ready you can easily one-shot enemy players with your burst. Below we list the Best Race to use for the Fire Spec and what Stats you should use for Fire Mage in Classic WoW 1.12. Along with details on Strengths and Weaknesses, we also got the most important part the Fire Spec Talent Build.


Fire Mage Best Race

These are the weakest and Best Races to use for the Fire Mage Spec Build, this is based on the Best Race Traits for the Frost Spec. Gnomes and Trolls are among the best for many reasons and we highly recommend these depending on your faction Horde for Troll and Gnome for Alliance.

  • Best  –  Gnome,  Troll
  • Average  –  Humans,  Undead
  • Weak  –
  • Not Available –  Night Elf,  Orc,  Tauren,  Dwarves

World of Warcraft Classic Best Fire Mage Build


Fire Mage Stat Build

The Best Stats for Fire Mage Builds in patch 1.12 are similar to that of other mage builds. Core Stats are the most important stats for a Fire Mage Build, while Secondary Stats are very good and improve on the builds overall power. Lastly, we have Other Stats these can be picked up if none of the other stats are available on a piece of gear.

  • Core Stats  [Spell Damage] – [Spell Hit (10%)] – [Spell Crit] – [Spell Penetration]
  • Secondary Stats  [Intellect] – [Stamina]
  • Other Stats  [Spirit] – [Mana Per 5 Seconds]


WoW Classic Fire Mage Talent Build Guide

Below we list which talents you should use in the Fire Spec for Mages to make the strongest Fire Build in patch 1.12. This Talent Build is focused on PVE use mostly due to the large amount of AOE, you can use in PVP Battlegrounds but will have to play around the long cooldowns and lack of CC. If you are all about PVP content then we recommend using a Frost Mage Build.



Strength and Weaknesses

Below we list some of the Pros and Cons / Strength and Weakness of the Fire Mage Class. Keeping this mind will better help you decide if this playstyle is right for you.

  • Strength – Among the Highest DPS of all the Classes for PVE Content.
  • Strength – Free Food, Mana Pots and Water.
  • Weakness – Weak is certain PVE Content such as Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.
  • Weakness – Lack of Self Healing Abilities.
  • Weakness – Lacks Crowd Control (CC).




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