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Pokemon Sword and Shield Scrafty

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scrafty is a Dark and Fighting Type Hoodlum Pokémon, which makes it weak against Fighting, Flying, Fairy type moves. You can find and catch Scrafty in Bridge Field with a 10% chance to appear during Overcast weather. The Max IV Stats of Scrafty are 65 HP, 90 Attack, 45 SP Attack, 115 Defense, 115 SP Defense, and 58 Speed.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scrafty
Scrafty Galar Pokedex ID: 225

List of Scrafty Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Stat Amount Bar Graph
Total 488
HP 65
Attack 90
Defense 115
Special Attack 45
Special Defense 115
Speed 58

Based on this pokemon's stats we consider the best nature for Scrafty to have is Careful, this will increase it's Sp. Def and decrease it's Sp. Atk stats.

Scrafty Abilities

Ability Type Effect
Shed SkinNormal

Sword Pokedex Entry

As halfhearted as this Pokémon’s kicks may seem, they pack enough power to shatter Conkeldurr’s concrete pillars.

Shield Pokedex Entry

While mostly known for having the temperament of an aggressive ruffian, this Pokémon takes very good care of its family, friends, and territory.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scrafty Evolutions

How do i evolve Scrafty in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scraggy evolves into Scrafty when you reach Level 39.

Level 39
Pokemon CP Atk Def Sp Atk Sp Def Hp Spd

Scrafty Locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Where do i find and how to get Scrafty?

Scrafty does not spawn in the wild. Instead you can catch Scraggy and evolve it into Scrafty. A popular spawn location you can find Scraggy is in the Bridge Field area with a 10% chance to spawn during Overcast weather.

Scrafty is a Pokemon Sword Exclusive Pokemon and can only be found within the Sword Version of the game.

Overworld Spawns (Visible in-game)

Pokemon Location Weather Spawn Lvl
Bridge Field
10%27 - 29
Bridge Field
5%27 - 29
Dusty Bowl
15%42 - 47
Dusty Bowl
60%42 - 47
Galar Mine No. 2
15%20 - 24
Giant's Cap - Area 2
5%28 - 30
Giant's Cap - Area 2
35%28 - 30
Giant's Cap - Area 3
5%29 - 32
Giant's Cap - Area 3
35%29 - 32
Giant's Cap
5%28 - 30
Giant's Cap
35%28 - 30
Giant's Mirror - Area 2
15%42 - 47
Giant's Mirror - Area 2
60%42 - 47
Stony Wilderness - Area 2
35%28 - 30
Stony Wilderness - Area 3
15%28 - 30
Stony Wilderness
30%28 - 30
Challenge Road
10%16 - 21
Potbottom Desert
10%19 - 24

Non Overworld Spawns (NOT Visible - Randomly found in tall grass)

Pokemon Location Weather Spawn Lvl
Galar Mine No. 2
15%20 - 24
Motostoke Outskirts
35%21 - 24

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scrafty Raids

Where do i find Scrafty Raids?

You can find Scrafty raids in the following locations: Bridge Field, Dusty Bowl, North Lake Miloch, Rolling Fields, South Lake Miloch, Stony Wilderness, West Lake Axewell.

You can Click/Tap the links below to view where to find Scrafty Raid Spawn Locations in Pokemon Sw and Sh.

Scrafty Raid is exclusive and can only be found within the Pokemon Sword Version of the game.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Scrafty Weakness

Scrafty is a Dark and Fighting Type pokemon. This will cause it to take More Damage from Fighting, Flying, Fairy Type Moves and will take Less Damage from Ghost, Rock, Dark type moves.

Damage Types
Immune to Damage

What pokemon is Scrafty Weak Against?

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2 CP

What pokemon is Scrafty Strong Against?

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2 CP

Pokemon SW and SH Scrafty Moves List

What moves can Scrafty learn from TMs, TRs, and Leveling?

Scrafty can learn the type move at level . This move Bolded Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemon's Dark and Fighting type +50% STAB damage.

Scrafty Level Up Moves

Lvl Move Type Class Pow Acc PP Effect
01[] Low Kick
01[] Leer
01[] Payback
01[] Headbutt
12[] Sand Attack
16[] Facade
20[] Protect
24[] Beat Up
28[] Scary Face
32[] Brick Break
36[] Swagger
42[] Crunch
48[] High Jump Kick
54[] Focus Punch
60[] Head Smash

TM Moves Scrafty can learn

TM Move Type Class Pow Acc PP Effect
TM00Mega PunchPhysical808520
TM01Mega KickPhysical120755
TM03Fire PunchPhysical7510015May burn opponent.
TM04Ice PunchPhysical7510015May freeze opponent.
TM05Thunder PunchPhysical7510015May paralyze opponent.
TM08Hyper BeamSpecial150905User must recharge next turn.
TM09Giga ImpactPhysical150905User must recharge next turn.
TM15DigPhysical8010010Digs underground on first turn, attacks on second. Can also escape from caves.
TM21RestStatus10User sleeps for 2 turns, but user is fully healed.
TM22Rock SlidePhysical759010May cause flinching.
TM23ThiefPhysical9010025Also steals opponent's held item.
TM24SnoreSpecial5010015Can only be used if asleep. May cause flinching.
TM25ProtectStatus10Protects the user, but may fail if used consecutively.
TM26Scary FaceStatus10010Sharply lowers opponent's Speed.
TM31AttractStatus10015If opponent is the opposite gender, it's less likely to attack.
TM33Rain DanceStatus5Makes it rain for 5 turns.
TM34Sunny DayStatus5Makes it sunny for 5 turns.
TM37Beat UpPhysical10030Each Pokémon in your party attacks.
TM39FacadePhysical7010020Power doubles if user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed.
TM42RevengePhysical9010010Power increases if user was hit first.
TM43Brick BreakPhysical112.510015Breaks through Reflect and Light Screen barriers.
TM47Fake TearsStatus10020Sharply lowers opponent's Special Defense.
TM48Rock TombPhysical609515Lowers opponent's Speed.
TM57PaybackPhysical7510010Power doubles if the user was attacked first.
TM58AssurancePhysical9010010Power doubles if opponent already took damage in the same turn.
TM59FlingPhysical10010Power depends on held item.
TM63Drain PunchPhysical112.510010User recovers half the HP inflicted on opponent.
TM75Low SweepPhysical97.510020Lowers opponent's Speed.
TM76RoundSpecial6010015Power increases if teammates use it in the same turn.
TM79RetaliatePhysical701005Inflicts double damage if a teammate fainted on the last turn.
TM85SnarlSpecial82.59515Lowers opponent's Special Attack.

Scrafty TR Moves

TR Move Type Class Pow Acc PP Effect
TR07Low KickPhysical10020The heavier the opponent, the stronger the attack.
TR17AmnesiaStatus20Sharply raises user's Special Defense.
TR20SubstituteStatus10Uses HP to creates a decoy that takes hits.
TR22Sludge BombSpecial9010010May poison opponent.
TR24OutragePhysical12010010User attacks for 2-3 turns but then becomes confused.
TR26EndureStatus10Always left with at least 1 HP, but may fail if used consecutively.
TR27Sleep TalkStatus10User performs one of its own moves while sleeping.
TR31Iron TailPhysical1007515May lower opponent's Defense.
TR32CrunchPhysical12010015May lower opponent's Defense.
TR37TauntStatus10020Opponent can only use moves that attack.
TR46Iron DefenseStatus15Sharply raises user's Defense.
TR47Dragon ClawPhysical8010015
TR48Bulk UpStatus20Raises user's Attack and Defense.
TR51Dragon DanceStatus20Raises user's Attack and Speed.
TR53Close CombatPhysical1801005Lowers user's Defense and Special Defense.
TR57Poison JabPhysical8010020May poison the opponent.
TR58Dark PulseSpecial12010015May cause flinching.
TR62Dragon PulseSpecial8510010
TR64Focus BlastSpecial180705May lower opponent's Special Defense.
TR69Zen HeadbuttPhysical809015May cause flinching.
TR74Iron HeadPhysical8010015May cause flinching.
TR75Stone EdgePhysical100805High critical hit ratio.
TR77Grass KnotSpecial10020The heavier the opponent, the stronger the attack.
TR81Foul PlayPhysical142.510015Uses the opponent's Attack stat.
TR85Work UpStatus30Raises user's Attack and Special Attack.
TR95Throat ChopPhysical12010015Prevents use of sound moves for two turns.

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