League of Legend Honor Rewards | Season 10 Honor Update

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Welcome to our League of Legends Honor Season 10 Update Guide. We will walk you through everything you need to know about the New LoL Honor Rewards and Loading Screen Flair players can unlock.

LOL Honor Rewards

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Honor Rewards Based On Level

Honor Rewards 2018 lol

LoL Season 10 2020 Honor Rewards are as follows based on Honor Level:

  • Honor Level 3:
    – Honor 3 End of Season Capsule
    – Random Ward Skin
    – 3 Key Shards
  • Honor Level 4:
    – Honor 4 End of Season Capsule
    – Random Ward Skin
    – Random Emote Permanent
    – 3 Key Shards
  • Honor Level 5:
    – Honor 5 End of Season Capsule
    – Random Ward Skin
    – Random Emote Permanent
    – 6 Key Shards
Level 0 Penalties temporarily locks you out of all Honor rewards until you start to earn honor again.

Dishonorable Lol

Level 1
Players will receive Key Fragments, however at a slower rate than Level 2 and up.

Level 1 Honor Rewards LoL

Level 2 Honor LoL
Level 2
At level 2 and above, players will receive Key Fragments at a standard rate.

Level 2 Honor Rewards LoLLevel 2 CheckPoint Honor Rewards LoL

Level 3 Honor LoL
Level 3
Players will receive Key Fragments, however at a slower rate than Level 2 and up.

Level 3 Honor Rewards LoLLevel 3 Checkpoint Honor Rewards LoL

Level 4 Honor System LoL
Level 4

Level 4 Honor Rewards LoLLevel 4 Checkpoint Honor Rewards LoL

Level 5 Honor Rewards LoL
Level 5
Level 5 Honor Rewards LoLLevel 5+ Honor Rewards LoL

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LoL Honor Rewards

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Loading Screen Flair
  • LoL Honor level 3+ players earn loading screen flair by receiving honors.
  • This flair lasts for one game.
  • You get flair in your next game if two premade teammates, or one non-premade teammate honors you
  • There’s no cooldown on flair, so you earn it every game you meet the honor conditions
  • Your flair unlocks at level 3, grows at level 4, and fully blooms at level 5.

(You can view other Loading Screen cosmetics like Season Reward Borders.)

LoL Honor Loading Screen Flair Rewards

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Honor Season Rewards Season 10

These are the three different Honor Ward Skins players can earn at the end of the season, only players who showed sportsmanlike behavior and have reached the respective honor level will receive these wards.

Season 9 Honor Emote LOL

(2018 S8 Honor Ward Skins)

2018 Honor Ward 32018 Honor Ward 42018 Honor Ward 5

Honor Ward Skins 2018 Seaosn 8 lol

(Season 7 2017 Honor Ward Skins)

Honor Season Rewards Ward Skins

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Rewards for the Old Honor System

Honor Summoner IconThis rewards will be given to players who were in the top 10% of honorable players before the New Honor system was Released. These Summoner Icons are Currently set to Roll out in Septemeber 30th, This means you cannot unlock this unless you were in that top 10% before the New system.

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TOP 10% Honorable Opponent
Received an Honorable Opponent Ribbon

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TOP 10% of Friendly Players in Your Region
Received a Great Leader Ribbon

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TOP 10% of Teamwork Players In your Region
Received an Great Teamwork Ribbon

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TOP 10% of Helpful Players In Your Region
Received an Great Mentor Ribbon

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Had a Total of 10 or more Honors when the old systemRetiredd.

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  • How many icons will I unlock?
    Depending on if you meet the requirements, you can earn one, a couple, or even all the icons.
  • How Do I Know If I’m Getting the Icons?
    Currently, there is no way to check.
  • What If I Switched Regions?
    When you switched regions, your honor progress was reset.

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Learn about Riots Upcoming Changes To The Level Cap (30)!

Check out how you can unlock chests, emotes and more just from leveling up.

LoL Level Up Rewards

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LoL Honor Rewards How To Unlock
Key Fragments
Key Fragments LoL
  • Everyone who’s level 1 or above gets all their free key fragments by just playing games without getting hit with penalties
  • Earning Honor votes is NOT required to get your keys.
  • Winning is no longer required to earn keys.
  • Keys no longer drop at end-of-game, but periodically while outside of queue.
Honor Capsule
  • LoL Honor Level 3+ players earn Honor Capsule that includes a shot at exclusive Rewards. These are basically Key-Free Chest that has a high chance rate to drop key fragments and champion shards. They will begin to drop randomly once you earn Level 3 and even have a chance to drop Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch.
  • You have a chance to earn a Capsule with every key fragment drop.
  • Your chances for getting a Capsule double each week as you play games.
  • You’re guaranteed a Capsule within two months.
  • Your drop rate resets after getting a capsule.
  • You can only earn one capsule every three weeks.
End of Season Reward

  • Don’t forget players are expected to receive some sort of End of Season Reward if they manage a Level 3+ or higher within this new behavior system. Details on the rewards are to be announced later in the 2017 Season.

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What happens to my LoL Honor when I get hit with Penalties?

1 Getting hit with penalties will level you down, and temporarily lock you out of rewards.
2 Your Honor lock state can be seen on your profile (only visible to you) and can be lifted by consistent sportsmanlike games.
3 You’ll get a notification when your penalty has been lifted, and your profile will update at the same time

If you get hit with enough penalties you may reach dishonorable status and will have to work your way back up.


LoL Honor

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League of Legends New Honor System uses an end game Ceremony to award players with Honor. The more Honor you gain from allies allows you to level up and receive additional rewards for your sportsmen like behavior.


How Does The Honor Ceremony Work?

This is a two-stage process to the ceremony, the first stage is honoring a player. The second stage is at the end-game screen figuring out how much honor you received.

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Honor Ceremony – How To Honor Players

1. A new voting screen appears after every Matchmade Game.

(You can only Honor one teammate per game.)

2. Mouse over a teammate, choose a category, then click to vote before time runs out. The new categories are:

Stayed Cool
  • That tilt-proof top laner who took a beating but didn’t give up.
Great Shotcalling
  • The Player who made a clutch Baron call after cleaning up a team fight.
GG <3
  • The player who saved your butt or even just cracked a good joke.

(There’s a Vote Skip button available.)

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End Game Screen – Receiving Honor From Players

At the End of Game screen, you’ll see the honors you’ve received from other players.

If you receive the majority of the team’s honors, everyone sees a celebration over your summoner name.


At level 3+, a small gemstone will signal when you’ve unlocked loading screen flair in your next game

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How to level up honorHonor Rewards LoLLoL-Honor

League of Legends Honor Levels

Everyone starts at Level 1.

You have a level that lasts all season.

How Do Level Up My Honor In LoL?

You max out your level at 5 by playing games and consistently playing to win.

Earning Honor game to game will level you up slightly faster, but honors are not required to level up.

You only lose levels by getting hit with penalties. Simply not receiving Honor will not level you down.

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Every two weeks the meta changes, that means new champions are on the rise. You can view the strongest champions every patch here:

Best Champions

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