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Victorious Ward Skin is a League of Legends Limited Edition Ward Skin Season Reward, based on the amount of Ranked Queue you have participated in. The Ranked Team Season Reward Ward Skin this year will only be 1 type of Ward Skin and can be unlocked by ranking up in multiple ranked queues.

Victorious Ward Skin

Victorious Ward Skin Season Rewards LoL

These are the Season 7 Ranked Ward Skin Season Rewards, RIOT plans to release more information about them later in the Season 7.

Victorious Ward Season 7

How Do I Get The Victorious Ward Skin?

League of Legends Ranked Tiers of Silver and above are eligible for skin reward, the only requirement is you have to reach Silver or Higher Ranking in 2x or more Ranked Queues to unlock the Reward.

The Ranked Season Reward Ward Skin is given to players who have reached Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Even Challenger before the end of the season.

For example, you can be Diamond Diamond-Tier-Season-Rewards In Solo Queue and only Silver Silver-Tier-Season-Rewards in the 3v3 Ranked Queue and you will still Unlock the Victorious Ward Skin Season Reward for 2018.


What Ranked Queues Will Unlock the Season Reward Ward Skin?

Any and all League of Legends Ranked Queues are Eligible, just in case you are wondering this includes the following:

  • Solo Queue
  • 5v5 Ranked Queue
  • 3v3 Ranked Queue

At the moment fastest way would be 3v3 Ranked since the games are shorter on average, we recommend you try out our 3v3 Ranked Best Champion Tier List.

When Do I Get My Ward Skin Season Rewards?

Season 8 will end in December and you can expect to have your 2018 Season 8 Rewards unlocked by the end of November.


Season 6 Reward
(No Longer Available)

Season 6 Ward Skin Season Rewards

Season 5 Reward
(No Longer Available)



Victorious-Ward-Skin 75 Points

Season 4 Reward
(No Longer Available)



Championship Ward Skin

  • Championship Ward Skin is Available only threw shop for a Limited Time (Legacy Ward Skin 640RP) end of the season skin.  You can unlock the championship ward in the LoL Client Shop near the end of the Season.
  • Victorious Ward Skin is only given to players who have earned Silver or higher Ranking in 2x or more Ranked Queues in League of Legends. These are Season Reward Ward Skins and are NOT sold in the shop. Keep in mind the Championship Ward Skin is different from the Victorious Ward Skin.

(Picture of the 2016 Championship Ward Skin)
2016 Championship Ward Skin

(Picture of the 2015)
2015 Championship Ward