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Elden Ring Graven-mass Talisman

Graven-Mass Talisman

Elden Ring Graven-mass Talisman is a Talisman you can equip.

What It Does: Greatly raises potency of sorceries. (Sorcery Boost of 8%)

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Where To Find Graven-mass Talisman Location in Elden Ring

Map Guide of Where To Find the Graven-Mass Talisman Location in ER.

Location How To Get

The Graven-Mass Talisman is a Talisman found in Albinauric Rise. Below, we will list the directions you can take in order to obtain this item.

  1. First, make sure you have obtained the Fanged Imp Ashes (You can receive this Summon as an item during Character creation or by purchasing it from the Isolated Merchant for 2000 Runes)
  2. Next, travel to the Inner Consecrated Snowfield Site of Grace in the Mountaintops of the Giants
  3. Head East of the Site of Grace until you come across a Tower; this Tower is Albinauric Rise
  4. To unlock the Tower, you need to have one of your Imps kill another Imp outside. You can lower the enemy Imp's Health and let yours finish the job
  5. You can now enter the Tower and climb to the top if done correctly. You should find the Graven-Mass Talisman lying on the ground

Albinauric Rise Location

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