Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Best Armor To Use

This guide is a Tier List of the Best Armor To Use in Diablo Immortal; in total, we rank 241 Armor ranging from Normal, Magic, Rare, and Legendary Rarity. You can Click/Tap any icon to view our complete guide on Armor.

Diablo Immortal Best Armor Tier List

The Diablo Immortal Armor Tier List will be ranked from the Best being (S-Tier) to the Worst being (F-Tier). You will find Cowl of the Abyss, Discipline's Weight, and Heart of Vengeance ranking among the best Armor to use in-game.

Animal Instinct
Artillery Master's Battlehelm
Assassin's Heritage
Awakener's Urge
Barbed Council
Battlemaster's Helm
Beacon's Urge
Berserker's Sanity
Bloody Hand
Bombardment's Toll
Boundless Ingenuity
Braided Serpent of Shal'baas
Broken Grasp
Broken Palm
Burning Heart of Shal'baas
Cavalier's Courtwear
Chaos Nexus
Chastising Radiance
Companion's Melody
Cowl of Absolute Punishment
Cowl of Focused Hatred
Crown of the Gilded Leash
Crusher Rig
Csur's Fortutious Ward
Cuirass of the Death Watch
Davin's Legacy
Disciplined Respite
Dozen Strikes of Shal'baas
Enlightenment's Blessing
Exemplar's Urge
Faith Ascendant
Feathermail Coat
Ferocious Gale
Fortress Hermetic
Freedom's Gale
Frozen Guardian's Sight
Grace's Bounty
Gravedirt's Weight
Graven Bulwark
Harmony's Song
Hatred's Reach
Heart of the Frozen North
Helltrapper Cage
Hideous Dawning
Howler's Lift
Hungerfire Chiton
Hurtling Steel
Impending Slaughter
Inhumed Plate
Inner Rhythm
Issatar Contained
Issatar Enraged
Issatar Undone
Issatar at Rest
Issatar the Brute
Issatar's Open Hand
Justice Without Favor
Kar's Defiance
Kavil's Grand Revelation
Kyn's Cryoclasp
Leggings of the Consigner
Legguards of the Inevitable Inferno
Limbs of the Lacrymal
Luminary's Urge
Master Alchemist's Faulds
Modest Urge
Mountebank's Bravado
Mountebank's Flourish
Mountebank's Marvel
Mountebank's Misdirection
Mountebank's Shirking
Mountebank's Slyness
Mournful Destroyer
Open Gut
Pensive Crown
Permanent Reproach
Phoenix Mantle
Pillager's Greaves
Plate of Lethal Intent
Proximal Fear
Public Penance
Redeemer's Mettle
Regalia of the Archmage
Resting Fangs of Shal'baas
Rime Mantle
Robes of the Avalanche
Rozhin's Keening
Screaming Fury
Searing Judgement
Severed Thumb
Shadowflight Breastplate
Shadowstalker's Spaulders
Shameless Urge
Shattered Ground
Shepherd and Architect
Shepherd and Beastmaster
Shepherd and Begetter
Shepherd and Father
Shepherd and Leader
Shepherd and Mother
Shocking Chaos
Skystriker's Pauldrons
Slayer's Breeches
Slit Throat
Storm Spirit
Storm-Tack of Shal'baas
Synod's Anointing
Tactics and Secrets
The Folly of Zakarum
The Gaoler
The Inviting Tomb
The Mailed Fist
The Prisoner
The Subjugator
The Turnkey
The Tyrant
Tiger's Flight
Torn Sole
Tracker's Rage
Untempered Hatred
Vaash's Typhonic Stampede
Vaetia's Resourceful Countenance
Vision of the Frozen Path
Weighted Brow
Wind-Trods of Shal'baas
Wind-blessed Pauldrons
Wisdom's Edge
Ydama's Cyclone
Ysil's Contained Destruction
Zann Esu Elemental Weave