Super Smash Bros Ultimate Items List

Welcome to our Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Items List, you can view all the NEW items in SSBU and what they will do when used.


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Super Smash Bros Ultimate New Items

Super Smash Bros Ultimate NEW Items List, we have included a Description of what each item will do when used and also the Game Series (Universe) it comes from if you are interested in that.

New ItemsUniverseDescription

Banana Gun
Super Smash BrosThe insides of the banana become a powerful bullet. After one shot, this item becomes a Banana Peel. Of course.

Super Smash BrosReappears near an opponent after being thrown and targets them, covered in flames.

Black Hole
Super Smash BrosCreates a massive black hole, dragging all items and players nearby in.

KirbyExplodes in the player’s hand when used, which only affects enemies. Hold it high to set it off. Enemies caught in the blast will take a ton of damage.

Death’s Scythe
CastlevaniaA tilt or smash attack with this brutal weapon will KO opponents who have high damage.

Fake Smash Ball
Super Smash BrosThis may look like a Smash Ball, but breaking it will cause it to explode in an X shape.

Healing Field
Super Smash BrosCan be thrown on the ground. Once thrown, it will open up and will heal anyone standing on it.

Healing Sprout
Super Smash BrosSticks to fighters and gradually heals them. Can be transferred on contact like the Gooey Bomb.

Killing Edge
Fire EmblemWill occasionally glow, causing it to do double damage.

Rage Blaster
Super Smash BrosThis item grows stronger if the user has taken lots of damage. A great way to make a comeback!

Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom
EarthBoundOpponents hit with enough of these spores will grow a mushroom, reversing their left and right controls.

Kid IcarusThis weapon fires a laser that deals more damage if the target is farther away.

Super Launch Star
MarioThrow it to create a star-shaped gate which will launch fighters that enter it. Can be set in midair, where it will attract and launch any characters that get too close to it.

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