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Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko is a Electric and Dark Type, which makes it weak against Ground, Fighting, Bug, Fairy type moves. You can find and catch Morpeko in Route 7 with a 5% chance to appear during All Weather weather. The Max IV Stats of Morpeko are 58 HP, 95 Attack, 70 SP Attack, 58 Defense, 58 SP Defense, and 97 Speed.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko
Morpeko Galar Pokedex ID: 344

List of Morpeko Max IV Stats in Pokemon SW SH.

Stat Amount Bar Graph
Total 436
HP 58
Attack 95
Defense 58
Special Attack 70
Special Defense 58
Speed 97

Based on this pokemon's stats we consider the best nature for Morpeko to have is Hasty, this will increase it's Speed and decrease it's Defense stats.

Morpeko Abilities

Ability Type Effect
Hunger SwitchNormal

Sword Pokedex Entry

As it eats the seeds stored up in its pocket-like pouches, this Pokémon is not just satisfying its constant hunger. It's also generating electricity.

Shield Pokedex Entry

It carries electrically roasted seeds with it as if they're precious treasures. No matter how much it eats, it always gets hungry again in short order.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko Evolutions

How do i evolve Morpeko in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

Currently Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko does not have an evolution form in Generation 8.

Morpeko Locations in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Where do i find and how to get Morpeko?

A popular spawn location you can find Morpeko is in the Route 7 area with a 5% chance to spawn during All weather.

Overworld Spawns (Visible in-game)

Pokemon Location Weather Spawn Lvl
Route 7
5%37 - 41
Lake of Outrage
4%55 - 58
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15
Challenge Beach
5%10 - 15

Non Overworld Spawns (NOT Visible - Randomly found in tall grass)

Pokemon Location Weather Spawn Lvl
Route 9 - Outer Spikemuth
5%40 - 44

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko Raids

Where do i find Morpeko Raids?

You can find Morpeko raids in the following locations: Giant's Mirror, Lake of Outrage, Motostoke Riverbank.

You can Click/Tap the links below to view where to find Morpeko Raid Spawn Locations in Pokemon Sw and Sh.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Morpeko Weakness

Morpeko is a Electric and Dark Type pokemon. This will cause it to take More Damage from Ground, Fighting, Bug, Fairy Type Moves and will take Less Damage from Flying, Steel, Electric, Ghost, Dark, Psychic type moves.

Damage Types
Immune to Damage

What pokemon is Morpeko Weak Against?

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2 CP

What pokemon is Morpeko Strong Against?

Pokemon Type 1 Type 2 CP

Pokemon SW and SH Morpeko Moves List

What moves can Morpeko learn from TMs, TRs, and Leveling?

Morpeko can learn the type move at level . This move Bolded Pow numbers are adjusted for this pokemon's Electric and Dark type +50% STAB damage.

Morpeko Level Up Moves

Lvl Move Type Class Pow Acc PP Effect
01[] Thunder Shock
01[] Tail Whip
05[] Leer
10[] Power Trip
15[] Quick Attack
20[] Flatter
25[] Bite
30[] Spark
35[] Torment
40[] Agility
45[] Bullet Seed
50[] Crunch
55[] Aura Wheel
60[] Thrash

TM Moves Morpeko can learn

TM Move Type Class Pow Acc PP Effect
TM05Thunder PunchPhysical112.510015May paralyze opponent.
TM14Thunder WaveStatus9020Paralyzes opponent.
TM21RestStatus10User sleeps for 2 turns, but user is fully healed.
TM23ThiefPhysical9010025Also steals opponent's held item.
TM24SnoreSpecial5010015Can only be used if asleep. May cause flinching.
TM25ProtectStatus10Protects the user, but may fail if used consecutively.
TM26Scary FaceStatus10010Sharply lowers opponent's Speed.
TM31AttractStatus10015If opponent is the opposite gender, it's less likely to attack.
TM39FacadePhysical7010020Power doubles if user is burned, poisoned, or paralyzed.
TM40SwiftSpecial6020Ignores Accuracy and Evasiveness.
TM42RevengePhysical6010010Power increases if user was hit first.
TM43Brick BreakPhysical7510015Breaks through Reflect and Light Screen barriers.
TM47Fake TearsStatus10020Sharply lowers opponent's Special Defense.
TM50Bullet SeedPhysical2510030Hits 2-5 times in one turn.
TM57PaybackPhysical7510010Power doubles if the user was attacked first.
TM58AssurancePhysical9010010Power doubles if opponent already took damage in the same turn.
TM59FlingPhysical10010Power depends on held item.
TM66Thunder FangPhysical97.59515May cause flinching and/or paralyze opponent.
TM67Ice FangPhysical659515May cause flinching and/or freeze opponent.
TM68Fire FangPhysical659515May cause flinching and/or burn opponent.
TM76RoundSpecial6010015Power increases if teammates use it in the same turn.
TM80Volt SwitchSpecial10510020User must switch out after attacking.
TM82ElectrowebSpecial82.59515Lowers opponent's Speed.
TM85SnarlSpecial82.59515Lowers opponent's Special Attack.
TM90Electric TerrainStatus10Prevents all Pokémon from falling asleep for 5 turns.
TM98Stomping TantrumPhysical7510010Driven by frustration, the user attacks the target. If the user's previous move has failed, the power of this move doubles.

Morpeko TR Moves

TR Move Type Class Pow Acc PP Effect
TR08ThunderboltSpecial13510015May paralyze opponent.
TR09ThunderSpecial1657010May paralyze opponent.
TR12AgilityStatus30Sharply raises user's Speed.
TR20SubstituteStatus10Uses HP to creates a decoy that takes hits.
TR24OutragePhysical12010010User attacks for 2-3 turns but then becomes confused.
TR26EndureStatus10Always left with at least 1 HP, but may fail if used consecutively.
TR27Sleep TalkStatus10User performs one of its own moves while sleeping.
TR32CrunchPhysical12010015May lower opponent's Defense.
TR35UproarSpecial9010010User attacks for 3 turns and prevents sleep.
TR37TauntStatus10020Opponent can only use moves that attack.
TR58Dark PulseSpecial12010015May cause flinching.
TR59Seed BombPhysical8010015
TR68Nasty PlotStatus20Sharply raises user's Special Attack.
TR80Electro BallSpecial10010The faster the user, the stronger the attack.
TR81Foul PlayPhysical142.510015Uses the opponent's Attack stat.
TR86Wild ChargePhysical13510015User receives recoil damage.
TR97Psychic FangsPhysical8510010The user bites the target with its psychic capabilities. This can also destroy Light Screen and Reflect.

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