Where To Find Desert Voe Spaulder

The Desert Voe Spaulder is found in the locations within the map below. Purchased From Gerudo Secret Club in Gerudo Town.

The Gerudo Secret Club is a hidden Shop found within Gerudo Town which sells unique clothing items that help traverse the harsh heat of the desert and the snow-filled mountains in style. However, you must enter it from below, and to do so you need to use the Ascend Ability. Below, we will list the steps needed to enter the secret shop.

  1. Once arriving in Gerudo Town, head to the Sand Seal Shop on the eastern side of Town.
  2. Outside the Seal pen, you will see a well you can jump into. Jump down into it.
  3. While down there, you should see a bombable wall to your left while walking along the water.
  4. Bomb it and the walls behind it.
  5. Turn left and continue bombing the rock walls.
  6. You will come across a small wall to climb, climb it and turn left once more.
  7. There should be some stone pillars in the walls around the hallway.
  8. Stand in the center of them and use the Ascend Ability. You should now find yourself in the Gerudo Secret Club and now have access to all of the clothing to purchase.