WoW Classic Survival Hunter Build


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Survival Hunter Build, this Talent Spec Guide was built for PVP use in Classic WoW. Below we rank the best Races to use for this spec and what Geat Stats you should get to do the most damage. We also have what we think is the Strongest Talent Build Skill Tree for Survival and some of the Class overall Strengths and weaknesses.


Survival Hunter Best Race

If you are looking for the Best Race for Survival Hunter on Horde in PVP look no further then Orc, however, if you plan to play more PVE content in WoW Classic then you might like Troll. The Alliance have to great Races for Hunter both Night Elf and Dwarves are good, we recommend Dwarves for PVP because of their Stoneform Racial Trait if u can look past their low Base Agility Stat.

  • Best  –   Orc,  Night Elf,  Dwarves
  • Average  –    Troll
  • Weak  –  Tauren
  • Not Available –   Gnome,  Undead,  Humans

World of Warcraft Classic Best Survival Hunter Build


Survival Hunter Stat Build

For the Survival Hunter Builds in WoW Classic your best gear stats and by far most important will be Agility. Primary Stats Agility is very important as it gives hunters Attack Power, Crit Chance and Armor/Dodge, while Secondary Stats these can be helpful such stamina giving HP and Intellect increasing the rate at which weapons skills improve, and then we have Other Stats this last stats is not something you should bother with.

  • Primary Stats  [Agility] – [Attack Power] – [Critical Strike]
  • Secondary Stats  [Intellect] – [Stamina] – [Spirit]
  • Other Stats [Strength]


WoW Classic Survival Hunter Talent Build Guide

Below is an image of the Best Survival Hunter Talent Build to use in WoW Classic and is meant for PVP Battlegrounds use. Most of the Talent you will be picking up in this Skill Tree Guide will give you more Crit Chance, Agility and even Dodge Chance. We don’t grab the final Talent in Survival as it is more worth to get Scatter Shot from Marksmanship, Scatter Shot disorients the target for 4 seconds and is way more useful in PVP when dealing with any opponent.



Strength and Weaknesses

Below we list some of the Pros and Cons / Strength and Weakness of the Hunter Class in general.

  • Strength – Fast 1-60 Leveling.
  • Strength – Easy Solo Leveling.
  • Strength – Strong PVP Class.
  • Strength – Strong Twink Class.
  • Strength – Lots of Mobility.
  • Weakness – Uses Ammo which can be Annoying.
  • Weakness – Need to catch higher level pets as you level.




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