WoW Classic Shaman Leveling Guide

Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Shaman Leveling Guide, here you will find the best location for levelling from 1-60 and even what level your character should be before going there to make sure you gain the 100% XP reward. Since you will have self sustain this will make the process much easier than some other classes who do not, we have provided below the Talent Build you will want to use while levelling.


World of Warcraft Classic Shaman Leveling Guide 1-60

Shaman Leveling Locations Guide

It’s important to keep in mind that Shaman is not the fastest or fun to level, but they can self heal which makes it much easier to level up then most class in WoW Classic. When you choose the best location you can speed up the levelling process of 1-60 with the Shaman class. You should be the recommended level before farming the location, it will be indicated to left in an Orange Color [Lvl 35-39]. The Mobs you are looking for in that specific area names are Bolded [Mob Name].

Shaman Weapons we recommend using to Level Up Faster as Shaman in WoW Classic. This section will apply only to Horde since this class is exclusive to the Horde Faction.

  • DPS: 8 Tabar, Purchasable at all city weapon vendors
  • DPS: 11 Ironwood Maul, purchasable at Barrens Vendor
  • DPS: 16 Executioner’s Sword,  purchasable at Barrens, Hillsbrad, Silverpine Vendor
  • DPS: 30 – Skullsplitter,  Quest Reward from “Call To Arms” located in Arathi Highlands
  • DPS: 39 Will of the Mountain Giant, Quest Reward from “Weapons of Spirit” located in Feralas
  • DPS: 43 – Beastslayer, Quest Reward from “The Might U’Cha” located in Ungoro Crater
  • DPS: 53 Ice Barbed Spear, Quest Reward From “Hero of the Frostwolf” located in Alterac Valley

Note: Since Shaman is a Horde only Class we will detail the best Leveling Locations for the Horde Faction.

  • Lvl 20-26 Mosshide Gnolls – Mosshide Fen, Wetlands
  • Lvl 25-29 Hillsbrad Miners – Azurelode Mine, Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Lvl 31-36 Torn Fin Murlocs – Western Strand, Hillsbrad Foothills
  • Lvl 35-40 Mirefin Murlocs – Dreadmurk Shore, Dustwallow Marsh
  • Lvl 40-46 Marsh Murlocs – Misty Reed Strand, Swamp of Sorrows
  • Lvl 42-46 – Skullsplitter Trolls – Ruins of Zul’Mamwe, Stranglethorn Vale
  • Lvl 43-51 Southsea Pirates – Lost Rigger Cove, Tanaris
  • Lvl 46-51 Jade Oozes – Skull Rock, Hinterlands
  • Lvl 51-56 Ghouls & Skeles – Sorrow Hill, Western Plaguelands
  • Lvl 52-56 Arena Spectators – Blackrock Depths Dungeon, Searing Gorge
  • Lvl 52-58 Zombies & Skeles – Dalson’s Tears, Western Plaguelands
  • Lvl 53-60 Whip Lashers – Dire Maul East Runs, Feralas

WoW Classic Shaman Leveling Guide Talent Build

We recommend using this Talent Build for Leveling Up a Shaman Class from 1-60 in WoW Classic patch 1.12. You can open with Chain Lighting, Lighting Shield and other spells, then continue to kite mobs with Eearthbind Totems. The best part is this class can self heal and this is very important for levelling up. One of the more annoying this about playing a Shaman is the Totem Class Quests are they can be time-consuming and are required just to use certain Totems.


Strength and Weaknesses

Below we list some of the Pros and Cons / Strength and Weakness of Leveling the Shaman Class in general. As long as you have the Totems needed to kite such the EarthBnind Totem kiting mobs to level should be no trouble.

  • Strength – Rather Easy 1-60 Leveling.
  • Strength – Good for both PVP and PVE Content.
  • Strength – Has self-sustain abilities.
  • Weakness – Has to wear Leather Armor early on before Mail Armor is available.


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