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Season 9 Split 1 Emote Season Rewards is are based on the highest Tier/Ranking you’ve achieved at the end of the season split. There are expected to be around 3-4 Splits per year, with the main season reward being available at the end of the year.

Season 9 Emotes

League of Legends Emote Season Rewards – Mordkaiser

Season 8 Emote Rewards – Morgana

lol iron s9 split 1 emote rewardlol bronze s9 split 1 emote rewardlol silver s9 split 1 emote rewardlol gold s9 split 1 emote rewardlol platinum s9 split 1 emote rewardlol daimond s9 split 1 emote rewardlol master s9 split 1 emote rewardlol grandmaster s9 split 1 emote rewardlol challenger s9 split 1 emote reward

How Do I Get The Emote Season Rewards?

Ranked Queues players can earn the S9 Split 1 Emote in the following Queues: Solo Queue • 3v3 Ranked Queue • 5v5 Ranked Queue

League of Legend Ranking/Tiers that are eligible for the Emotes are as follows: Iron • Bronze • Silver • Gold • Platinum • Diamond • Master • Grandmaster • Challenger 

 The League of Legends Emote reward is given to players who have reached any of the mentioned ranked ratings before the end of season Split 1. Each Emote is unique and based on the highest Ranked Tier you achieved.

When Do I Get My Emote Season Reward?

This is hard to say since its still very early but players can expect to receive the Emote shortly after the Season Split has ended.