LoL Season 10 End

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Riot will always announce in advance the exact LoL Season 10 End Date so players can finish Ranking Up for their Rewards. This will give players plenty of time to earn the rank they been going for all season. In rare occasions, Riot will extend the LoL Season End Date. This normally never occurs however, this has happened in the past at least once due to server instability.

Season End Date

When does Season 10 End in League of Legends? This is the question everyone is asking. Since League of Legends season 10 began in January 16th 2020, Players went through a soft elo reset after the S10 started. Now players have either ranked back up or are still trying to achieve their dream elo before the LoL Season End.

LoL When does Season 10 End

When Does Season End In LoL

LoL When does Season 10 end and how much time do we actually have left until the season end? The LoL Season End Date is usually around the fourth quarter of the year every time.

Season 1 Started on July 13, 2010 Ended on August 23, 2011
Season 2 Started on November 29, 2011 Ended on November 12, 2012
Season 3 Started on February 1, 2013 Ended on November 11, 2013
Season 4 Started on January 10, 2014 Ended on November 11, 2014
Season 5 Started on January 21, 2015 Ended on November 11, 2015
Season 6 Started on January 20, 2016 Ended on November 8, 2016
Season 7 Started on December 8, 2016 Ended on November 7, 2017
Season 8 Started on January 16, 2018 Ended on November 12, 2018
Season 9 Started on January 23, 2019 Ended on November 7, 2019
Season 10 Started on January 23, 2020 Ends on November 10, 2020
Season 11 Expected to Start in January 2021 Expected to End in November 2021

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LoL Season Rewards

Riot will always give close to 1 months notice of the exact League of legends Season End date. This announcement is expected sometime during September and maybe early October. Since the LoL Season ended for the last 4 years in November its safe to say this year will be no different. This yearly pattern has helped both RIOT and players prepare for the League of Legends season end date, which mean RIOT will most likely stick to it this year as well.

Since the League of Legends Season End tends to always be in the later part of the year, this year confidently expecting LoL Season 10 End to be on November 10th.


What Happens After The LoL Season 10 End Date?

Two things will happen!

Season End


League of Legend players will begin to earn their Rewards! When Season 10 in League of Legends comes to an end, we will be notified threw the Client or their official website.

Shortly after players will begin to receive the Season 10 Rewards. This process can take up to 1-2 Weeks for every player in Leauge of Legends to receive their Rewards. You can learn about all the different types of rewards and how to unlock them in League of Legends.

Unlocking Rewards Before LoL Season 10 End Date

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Season 6 End Date


All League players will enter preseason shortly after Season end in League of Legends. which is a bit different in terms of how the Ranked modes function. Here’s what you can expect and how to handle it.

During this PreSeason phase, RIOT makes huge changes to the entire game. This ranges from Map Redesigns and massive Balance Changes to Roles, Items and even ranking systems.

The elo you gain during this 1-2 month period does not count towards ranked rewards, but it is still worth noting that whatever MMR or rank you gain during this time, you will keep some of it when the next season start.

When season 11 starts in LoL there will be a soft reset, meaning that you will become unranked but your MMR will still reflect where you were before the reset, so if you were platinum in pre-season you will place higher in season 11 than if you were gold or silver.

What About Elo Decay?

Good news! You don’t have to worry about all that. One thing you should noteif you hit a higher rank during pre-season that’s good in a way. When the actual season begins you’ll be able to do placement matches and place near the elo you were previously.

So if you’re wondering whether you should play during this phase. Yes, you should it’ll help you get better and place higher if you happen to reach higher rankings.

Pre Season Updates

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The League of Legends season 10 will end on the 10th of November 2020 and season 11 will start probably around the 16th of January 2021 that same year.

We will continue to keep this article updated with the latest news, so if there are ANY changes to LoL When Does Season 10 End date you will see it below in our Update Log.

LoL Season 10 End Updates:

June 2016 Update: The LoL Season 6 end date is still predicted to be the 11th of November 2016. With Riot’s recent announcement that Solo Queue will not be coming out after all, there is no reason why LoL Season 6 end date should be delayed.

July 2016 Update: Riot has confirmed the Ranked 5v5 team will be available for lol players again. They did mention some details regarding how the new 5v5 ranked will function. Most notably that 5v5 Ranked will only be active during certain time periods of the day, mostly during the busy peak hours of the day. Since we are nearing the LoL Season 6 end date, we don’t expect any delays to the Season 6 End due to Ranked 5v5.

October 2016 Update: Riot has confirmed the LoL Season 6 End date. The 2016 season wraps up at the end of day on November 7—technically this means 12:01 AM at midnight on November 8.

November 2016 Update: Riot has announced they plan start Season 7 on the 8th of November 2016.

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When Does Season 11 Start?

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