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Pokemon Sword and Shield Energy Plant

A complete list of Pokemon you can find in Energy Plant Location based on weather. Rare pokemon can spawn such as who has a chance to appear during weather. You can also find and Raid Battles and valuble Items such as , and within Energy Plant area.

Energy Plant

Pokemon Spawns in Energy Plant Pokemon SW & SH

Here is a list of Energy Plant Pokemon Spawn Locations based on the weather in the area. For instance, you have a chance to find the rare pokemon in Energy Plant during . Non Overworld pokemon spawns such as , , and are found in tall grass random encounters.

  • SW
    = Pokemon spawns in Pokemon Sword Version.
  • SH
    = Pokemon spawns in Pokemon Shield Version.
  • = Overworld Pokemon are visible roaming around in the wild.
  • = Non Overworld Pokemon are NOT visible and are only found in Tall Grass encounters.

Overworld Spawns (Visible in-game)

Pokemon Area Weather Chance Spawn

Pokemon Sword and Shield Raids in Energy Plant

Pokemon SW and SH Raids such as who has CP Total, and rare pokemon like with a CP Total and a Capture Rate can appear as raid battles in Energy Plant.

  • SW
    = Raid Pokemon appears in Pokemon Sword Version.
  • SH
    = Raid Pokemon appears in Pokemon Shield Version.
Higher Capture Rate Number = Higher Chance Rate you will Capture Pokemon.

List of all Raid Pokemon in Energy Plant

Pokemon Type Capture Rate Spawn

Items found in Energy Plant

  • Found Here = Items that are found within the Energy Plant Area.
  • Shop = If the item is purchasable at a Poke Shop.
  • Encounter = Pokemon you can encounter that may hold that item.

List of all Items you can find in Energy Plant

Item Found
Shop Encounter Buy Sell

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