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The Overwatch Player Icon Season Rewards are earned by players who have a competitive play ranking. This will be an exclusive cosmetic for players who play and earn a specific rank within the competitive play.

Icons are used to customize your profile, usually reflecting your favorite characters or blizzard games. Most of which will be promotions from other games such as the Diablo 20th Anniversary event. The Player Icon Season Rewards will be visually different depending on the rank earned at the end of the season.

Player Icon Season 5 Rewards

The Player Icon Season 5 Rewards will be awarded to players with Competitive Play Rating at the end of the season.

Hero Season 6 Player Icon

Unlocked by reaching top 500 at any point during a specific season in Competitive Play.

Season 6 Player Icon overwatch

Competitor Season 6 Player Icon

Unlocked by completing the Ten placement matches Competitive Play.

Season 6 Player Icon overwatch
Map Theme: 
Starts: August 31, 2017

TOP 500 Player Icon

Unlocked by achieving top 500 ranking during a Season Competitive Play.

Overwatch Player Icon Season Rewards (2)

Unlock Any Player Icon Season Rewards.

Overwatch Boost

Previous Season Player Icon Rewards

These are exclusive to players who participated in previous Seasons of competitive Play and are no longer available. Players can also earn icons from limited time promotions and from other Blizzard game during events.

Season 5 Rewards

Map Theme: Numbani
Started: 31 May, 2017
Ending: 28 August, 2017



Player Icon Season 4 Rewards

Map Theme: Hanamura
Started: 1 March, 2017
Ended: 29 May, 2017

Season 4 Player Icon


Player Icon Season 3 Rewards

Map Theme: Volskaya Industries
Started: December 1, 2016
Ended: February 22, 2017

Season 3 Icon

Player Icon Season 3

Player Icon Season 2 Rewards

Map Theme: Route 66
Started: September 1, 2016
Ended: November 24, 2016

Player Icon OVerwatch S2

Season 2 Player Icon Overwatch

Player Icon Season 1 Rewards

Map Theme: Ilios
Started: June 28, 2016
Ended: August 18, 2016

Overwatch Season 1 Rewards Player Icon

Overwatch Player Icon Season Rewards

This cosmetic is an exclusive and limited edition Player Icon Season Rewards, This will only be unlockable through Overwatch Season Rewards.  It will make your Icon a rarity among over 200+ that are currently available. As mentioned above it will be visible to other players who view your account profile.

The Competitive Season is expected to last 2-3 month. Blizzard has mentioned this is subject to change, however, it’s still sitting at 2-3 month for the time being. This means you will have around 2-3 months to unlock the Overwatch Player Icon Rewards.

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