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Welcome to our Zelda Breath of the Wild Rupees Money Farming Guide. Rupees are the main source of currency in game, During your playthrough at times you may need lots of these to purchase armor sets and even upgrades. we have a complete walkthrough of a couple of methods you can use to get the most Rupees a large amount.


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How To Make Money Rupees In Zelda Breath of the Wild

When it comes to farming Rupees in Zelda Breath of the Wild, there is a variety of ways you can earn lots of money (Rupees). Everything from selling food to hunting animals will net you a good amount of Money if you know where to look. You should also know what not to sell as it simply not worth selling certain items in the game.

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 What Not to Sell

There are a few items you should consider keeping in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These items should never be sold as there are much better methods for gathering lots of rupees.

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There is a list of many reasons you should NOT sell armor versus selling many extra weapons in your inventory.

  • Armor Items do not suffer from Durability.
    (Will Never Break)
  • No limit to how many you can hold in your Inventory.
  • Upgradable at Great Fairy Fountains.

If you did happen to sell your armor during a powerful need for Rupees, you can purchase them from a merchant who only appears at Tarrey Town when you’ve completed the Side Quest: “From the Ground Up”. He will sell you Every Armor Piece you have found during your adventures at the cost of 4,000 each.

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 What You Should Sell

These are the Best ways to get Rupees in Zelda Breath of the Wild, everything from selling food to hunting monsters and even little furry animals. If it makes you money you can find out how to do it here.

Method How To Farm Rupees
Selling Food This will likely be your #1 way to earn lots of Rupees Fast
Selling Ancient Materials Defeating Guardians and Selling the Ancient Material Item Drops.
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Selling Gems Gathering and Selling Gems through Talus Monsters or simply farming Ore Deposits.
Selling Monster Parts After defeating a monster you can sell his parts ar Kilton’s Monster Shop.
Defeating Mini-Bosses Finding and Defeating Mini-Bosses for lots of Item Drops
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Finding Treasure Chests Tips to make it easier to Locate Treasure Chests




Zelda Breath of the Wild How To Get Rupees Money

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How To Get Rupees Selling Food

The Best Items to sell for rupees in Zelda Breath of the Wild, are mostly easy to farm meats which then are cooked into dishes. There are also dragon item drops which can be used in cooked foods to dramatically increase the duration of the buffs and even increase the sell value by a large amount.

Sell Food
Item Sell Amount How To Get
Enduring Fried Wild Greens 420 Cook: 5 Enduring Carrots
Meat Skewer 510 Cook: 5 Raw Gourmet Meat
Meat Skewer 210 Cook: 5 Raw Prime Meat
Dragon Item Drop Ingredients
You View the Full Guide Here:
Dragons Guide

The Best Place To Get Prime Meat in Breath of the Wild

The best place to get prime meat ingredients Is South of Tabantha Snowfield, nearby the Snowfield Stable. The animals there consistently drop quality meats, and you should be able to collect enough ingredients to make about 10,000 Rupees in about an hour of time!

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How To Get Rupees Defeating Mini Bosses

When you defeat Mini-Bosses around the Hyrule kingdom they will drop lots of items, you can then sells these or use them for cooking dishes. These same monsters tend to drop lots of rare items you can use on your adventures.
Stalnox Zelda Breath of the Wild

The giant cyclops are usually found sleeping near massive mineral deposits. So by Defeating them, you’ll be able to mine peacefully for gem’s that you can sell for extra rupees.

Mini-Boss Name Types Item Drops
Stone Talus Normal, Luminous, Rare, Igneo, Frost Amber, Opal, Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Sapphire, Flint
Hinox Normal, Blue, Black, Stalnox Hinox Toenail, Hinox Tooth, Hinox Guts, Various Ingredients For Cooking.
Molduga Normal Molduga Fin, Molduga Guts, Treasure Chest
Lynel Normal, Blue-Maned, White-Maned, Silver Lynel Horn, Lynel Hoof, Lynel Guts

A couple of notes players should keep in mind when making money in Zelda breath of the wild this way.

  • Blood Moon: Monsters, Treasure Chest and even Ori Deposits will respawn during a Blood Moon Event. Meaning you can always come back and farm your favorite spot.
  • Gems: Later in the game Gems are also used in increasing amounts to Upgrade You Armor.

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Gems are not a recommended way to get Rupees since these materials are used for purchasing Armor and Upgrading Armor Sets. However, if u need rupees bad then mining ores is a great way to get gems and we have listed gem sell values below.

You Can Learn More Here:

Armor Upgrades

  • Flint – 5 Rupees
  • Amber – 30 Rupees
  • Opal – 60 Rupees
  • Luminous Stone – 70 Rupees
  • Topaz – 180 Rupees
  • Ruby – 210 Rupees
  • Sapphire – 260 Rupees
  • Diamond – 500 Rupees

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Similar to Gems these materials are also worth saving since they are also used to upgrade certain items and specifically can be used to Purchase items from Kilton’s Monster Shop.

You Can Learn More Here:

Kilton’s Shop

  • Bokoblin Parts – Used For the Hylian Set, Soldier’s Set, and Radiant Set.
  • Moblin Parts – Used For the Flamebreaker Set, Soldier’s Set, and Radiant Set.
  • Lizalfos Parts – Used For the Zora Set, Rubber Set, SnowquillSet, and Desert Voe Set.
  • Chuchu Parts – Used For the Soldier’s Set, SnowquillSet, Rubber Set, and Desert Voe Set.
  • Keese Parts – Used For the Climbing Set, Soldier’s Set, SnowquillSet, Rubber Set, and Desert Voe Set.
  • Lynel Parts – Used For the Barbarian’s Set, Soldier’s Set, and Radiant Set.
  • Hinox Parts – Used For the Soldier’s Set, and Flamebreaker Set.
  • Molduga Parts – Used For the Radiant Set
  • Dragon Parts – Used For the Champion’s Tunic, Barbarian’s Set, and Armor of the Wild Set

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These are the another type of material you can sell, but we strongly recommend saving these as needed since they are used to purchase many great weapons and armor in the game.

You Can Learn More Here:

Ancient Materials

  • Ancient Screw – 12 Rupees
  • Ancient Spring – 15 Rupees
  • Ancient Gear – 30 Rupees
  • Ancient Shaft – 40 Rupees
  • Ancient Core – 80 Rupees
  • Giant Ancient Core – 200 Rupees

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