WoW Classic Shadow Priest Build


Welcome to our World of Warcraft Classic Shadow Priest Build, this Talent Spec Guide was built for PVP Battlegrounds and as such will affect what race you should use. It also affects what Gear Stats we think you should prioritize over others, and as you might expect the Talent Build is built for Player versus Player situations.


Shadow Priest Best Race

Picking the best race for the priest is difficult since this class gets unique spells based on its race, these affect how we rank the best drastically. For Horde for sure if you are going shadow you will want Undead, and Alliance can choose between Humans and Dwarves. With PVP in mind, we think Dwarves have an edge of humans, but they are both good choices so either will work.

  • Best  –  Undead,  Humans,  Dwarves
  • Average  –   Night Elf,   Troll
  • Weak  –
  • Not Available –  Tauren,  Gnome,  Orc

World of Warcraft Classic Best Shadow Priest Build


Shadow Priest Stat Build

The shadow spec Best Gear Stats for Shadow Priest Builds in WoW Classic patch 1.12 is little more focused on damage similar to a warlock mostly of the DOT shadow damage. Primary Stats These are the best stats for maximizing your shadow damage for the Shadow Talent Build, while Secondary Stats These are some quality of life stats that will help with some extra healing and having enough mana to do damage and off-heal, and then we have Other Stats these are last option and most likely you will not choose these but if u have to then so be it.

  • Primary Stats  [+ Spell Damage] – [Intellect] – [Spell Crit]
  • Secondary Stats  [Mana Per 5 Seconds] – [Stamina] – [Spirit] – [+ Healing Power]
  • Other Stats [Strength] – [Agility]


WoW Classic Shadow Priest Talent Build Guide

This is a favourite for most Priest players and mostly used in PVP, but is just as viable in PVE as you would expect from a DOT Spec. Below we have an image of the Best Shadow Talent Build to use in WoW Classic Patch 1.12 and is meant for PVP Battlegrounds use. some of the key points with this build are the obvious ones being Vampiric Embrace which heals you for the damage you do, and then there is Shadow Form which gives you a buff that increases Shadow Damage by 15% and reduces physical damage you take also by 15%



Strength and Weaknesses

Below we list some of the Pros and Cons / Strength and Weakness of the Priest Class in general.

  • Strength – Unquie Spells for each Race.
  • Strength – Good for PVP and PVE.
  • Strength – Can self-heal.
  • Strength – Strong Aura Buffs for you and the entire team.
  • Weakness – Lack of Mobility.




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