Elden Ring Status Effects

In Elden Ring, as you progress through the game, you will encounter various effects that affect your character's performance in battle. These effects can be worse than others and hinder you during fights. Status effects result from a buildup of specific attacks that cause their effect. This can be indicated with a Gauge Meter, which will inflict the status ailment to the player or the enemy when filled. Some effects gradually disappear, while some disappear at once without the need for the bar to decrease. You can not have the same effect applied to you if it already affects you.

What Do Status Effects Do in Elden Ring

There are a few different Effects you can encounter in Elden Ring, and these have- as said before, have different effects on the player or enemies inflicted with it. Some might slowly drain your life, such as Poison, or some might render you powerless by having you fall asleep in the middle of combat. Various enemies can inflict these statuses, and you can even inflict these statuses on enemies using special weapons. One of the most effective and easiest ways to cure any status effect is to visit a Site of Lost Grace. Sites of Grace not only provide you with a moment's rest, but they also allow you to recover HP and FP completely.

Status Affect
PoisonAfter the Meter is filled, you will take damage slowly over time until the meter empties.
Red RotAfter the Meter is filled, you will take damage over time until the meter empties.
HemorrhageDue to bleeding, you will take large amounts of damage relative to your max HP.
FrostbiteYou take damage, and while Frostbitten, you will take increased damage from enemies and other sources.
SleepYour character will become drowsy, and once the meter fills up, you will fall asleep and Weaker characters will fall asleep instantly.
MadnessThis will cause your character to go mad, and you will lose a lot of HP and FP.
DeathIf you are inflicted with this status, you can be instantly killed and need to respawn at a Site of Grace.