In Elden Ring, you will eventually unlock a mount named Torrent, a Spirit Steed. Torrent is used as a form of travel and can help you travel across terrain with ease and even get to places that were initially inaccessible, and to summon Torrent, you will need a unique item first.

How to unlock Horse in Elden Ring

While riding Torrent (Horse), you will be able to participate in combat on horseback; this can be useful in battle against certain enemies. Torrent can NOT be summoned during PVP and Co-Op. However, Torrent is practically necessary to travel the game world as the game map is vast. Below, we will list the steps needed to unlock Torrent.

  1. Explore the world until you encounter 3 Sites of Lost Grace.
  2. Afterwards, rest at the 3rd Site of Grace.
  3. Speak to Melina who will give you the Spectral Steed Whistle, this can be equipped as a "Quick Item" to summon Torrent.