Gestures in Elden Ring are brief character animations that players can use to express themselves with various actions; this allows players to communicate with others without having a voice. Players are not limited to using Gestures in Multiplayer, as they can use them in Singleplayer as well at any time.

How to unlock Gestures in Elden Ring

Not every Gesture will be available when you begin playing; therefore, you need to unlock them. However, if you do have Gestures already available to you, we will explain below how to bind and use them. It should also be noted that some Gestures can be used to find secrets that might reveal things like; Items, Areas, and even Quests, so it might be a good idea to try different Gestures in suspicious locations.

  1. First, open the Main Menu.
  2. Next, open the Gesture Menu.
  3. Highlight the Gesture you want; from here, you can either Test it or Bind it to a button. You do NOT need to bind a Gesture to use it from the Gestures Menu.

Gestures can even be utilized with Motion Controls; the process is similar to binding Gestures usually. However, you will need a Controller that Supports Motion Controls.

Gestures can be unlocked in various ways; below, we will be listing all of the Gestures in the game, along with the ways you can obtain them. Some of these Gestures are available by default.

Emote How To Unlock
By My Sword Kill an Invader as a Hunter.
Dejection TBD
Desperate Prayer TBD
I Will Cut You Down TBD
Jump For Joy TBD
Rallying Cry TBD
Reverential Bow TBD
Stiff Bow TBD
Wave TBD
What Do You Want? Available by default.
The Ring Pre-Ordering Elden Ring will reward you with this Gesture
Note: This list is incomplete and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.