Elden Ring Day and Night Cycle

Elden Ring features an in-game Day and Night Cycle that will change as you play through the game. Day and Night have differences, such as the types of enemies you can encounter, locations of enemies, and more. Both times of Day have their uses, and as an example, you might have an easier time doing some tasks at Night than you would in the day- such as using Stealth against enemies.

How To Change Time In Elden Ring

The time of day can be altered by going to a Site of Lost Grace; from a Site of Grace, you can interact with it and choose "Pass Time" this will then give you the options of Morning, Afternoon, and, Nightfall. Remember, you don't need to use a Site of Grace to change the time, as time naturally passes while playing. You might wish to change the time of Day to Nightfall if you plan on using Stealth against enemies, as the cover of Night will make it harder for enemies to spot you.

As mentioned before, some enemies only spawn during Nightfall. Below, we will be listing all of the enemies that are exclusive to Nightfall and can NOT be encountered during the day.

  • Night's Cavalry
  • TBD
  • TBD
Note: This list is incomplete and will continue to be updated as more information becomes available.