In Elden Ring, you will have the option to upgrade your various Attributes, and these Attributes are essentially your stats, simple things like Endurance and or Strength. These Attributes, when leveled, could increase your max amount of life and or Stamina- depending on the Attribute you choose. Stats are upgraded by using the Runes you acquire as you progress through the game, defeating bosses and more.

List of Attributes in Elden Ring

Attributes have different purposes in combat and are not only for movement or the ability to wield certain weapons- but they even range into resistances to different types of attacks. Your Attributes can be upgraded with Runes at any Site of Lost Grace by speaking with Melina. Below, we will list all the main Attributes in the game- we will provide a summary of what each Stat does.

Attribute What It Does
Vigor This Attribute increases your Maximum HP, Fire Resistance, Poison Resistance, and Rot Resistance.
Mind This Attribute increases your Maximum FP (used to cast spells and use skills) and also increases your Focus resistance to Sleep and Madness.
Endurance Leveling this will increase your Maximum Stamina, Physical Defense, Resistance to Hemorrhage, and Frostbite.
Strength Leveling this will increase the damage of Strength-Scaling Weapons. You will need this to equip weapons based on those Attributes. This Stat also increases your Maximum Equip Load.
Dexterity Leveling this will increase the Damage of Dexterity-Scaling Weapons. You will need this Attribute to equip weapons based on it. This Stat also reduces your Spell casting time, decreases fall damage and makes it less likely to fall off your Mount.
Intelligence This Attribute increases your Damage of Intelligence-Scaling Sorceries and Weapons. This Stat is needed to perform higher tiered Glintstone Sorceries and improve your resistance to Magic Attacks.
Faith Faith boosts the power of Faith-Scaling Incantations and Weapons and is also required for higher-tiered Sacred Incantations.
Arcane Arcane boosts your "Discovery" this decides how often you find rare items from defeated enemies; this Stat also raises your Death Resistance along with Sorceries and Incantations.