Pokemon Sword and Shield How To Change Nature Guide

This Pokemon SW&SH Nature guide will explain how to change it. In SH&SH Nature is a Pokemon’s unique personality. Each Pokemon you catch or receive will have one of 25 random Nature, which in older games you could not change, but in SW&SH, you can change your Pokemon’s Nature. Depending on what Nature your Pokemon has will determine what two base stats will be affected. One stat will have a 10% boost, and the other stat will be 10% lower. Nature also impacts what flavor of the food they like.


How to Change Nature in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon SW&SH introduce new items called mints that will change the Nature of your Pokemon. You cannot buy the mints until you have beaten Leon in the Pokemon League after you have done that you can access the Battle Tower in Wyndon. The cashier on the left side of the lobby sells mints for 50 battle points each. After you get the mint, give it to the Pokemon, and it will change the Nature plan ahead for what mint you want because battle points are not easy to get.

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Other Ways to Get Specific Natures

  • When breeding give a Everstone to the Pokemon with the Nature stat that you want to pass down to the egg, this will guarantee that the egg will inherit the Nature of the parent with the Everstone.
  • Any Pokemon with the ability Synchronize put them as the party leader, and any Pokemon you encounter will share the same Nature as well.

Below is the list of 25 Nature mints and the base stats they effect and flavor of food

Nature Mint+10%-10%Favorite FlavorHated Flavor
Serious MintSeriousN/AN/AN/AN/A
Adamant MintAdamantAttackSpecial AttackSpicyDry
Brave MintBraveAttackSpeedSpicySweet
Lonely MintLonelyAttackDefenseSpicySour
Naughty MintNaughtyAttackSpecial DefenseSpicyBitter
Bold MintBoldDefenseAttackSourSpicy
Impish MintImpishDefenseSpecial AttackSourDry
Lax MintLaxDefenseSpecial DefenseSourBitter
Relaxed MintRelaxedDefenseSpeedSourSweet
Modest MintModestSpecial AttackAttackDrySpicy
Mild MintMildSpecial AttackDefenseDrySour
Quiet MintQuietSpecial AttackSpeedDrySweet
Rash MintRashSpecial AttackSpecial DefenseDryBitter
Calm MintCalmSpecial DefenseAttackBitterSpicy
Careful MintCarefulSpecial DefenseSpecial AttackBitterDry
Gentle MintGentleSpecial DefenseDefenseBitterSour
Sassy MintSassySpecial DefenseSpeedBitterSweet
Hasty MintHastySpeedDefenseSweetSour
Jolly MintJollySpeedSpecial AttackSweetDry
Naive MintNaiveSpeedSpecial DefenseSweetBitter
Timid MintTimidSpeedAttackSweetSpicy

Things That Also Affect Your Pokemon Stats

  • Individual Values
  • Effort Values

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