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In this guide, you will learn how to check your Pokemon IV stats and how they affect your Pokemon plus learn how to pass down IV stats that you want to an egg when breeding in Pokemon S&S it’s easier to check your Pokemon IV’s and see how good they affect your Pokemon let’s get started


How To Check IV’s

Now to check your Pokemon’s IV’s you will need to do a few things first.

  • Complete the main story of Pokemon Sw & Sh
  • Go to the Battle Tower and challenge it
  • Get six victories which your last battle should be against Leon
  • Have Rank PokeBall or higher.
  • Open your Pokemon box and press + to see IV’s

What Are IV’s?
Individual Value (IV) is a unique value that each Pokemon has each stat has an IV which fluctuates and determines the highest possible value for each stat. Each stat, such as Attack, has an individual value assigned to it from 0 to 31. It is random and technically cannot be changed.

How To Change IV’s
Individual Values technically cannot be changed, but you can alter them by Hyper Training while in the Battle Tower speak to the NPC on the far right of the counter pay one Bottle Cap to Hyper Train a single stat of a level 100 Pokemon to be considered Best you can also pay with a Gold Bottle Cap to Hyper Train all the stats for that Pokemon the reason why you technically cannot change a Pokemon IV is that when breeding the IV’s will not pass down.


How To Read IV Judge Statements
After you have unlocked the IV Checker, you can see the judgment of your Pokemon stats below you will see what they mean.

IV Total

Statement IV Range
Amazing stats! 151-186
Great stats 121-150
Good stats 91-120
OK stats 0-90

Specific IV’s

Statement IV Range
No Good Zero
Decent 1-10
Pretty Good 11-20
Very Good 21-29
Fantastic 30
Best 31

How To Pass Down IV’s

There are a few ways to pass down the Pokemon’s IV stats to an egg when breeding.

  • The Destiny Knot is a held item which allows you to pass down five of the six IV stats from the parent Pokemon

The other way is Power items which can pass down a specific IV from a Pokemon the vendor is located in Hammerlocke City Pokemon Center here is a list of the power items and what they do.

Item Effect Cost
Power Weight
Power Weight
Pass down the holder’s HP IV 10 BP
Power Bracer
Power Bracer
Pass down the holder’s Attack IV 10 BP
Power Belt
Power Belt
Pass down the holder’s Defense IV 10 BP
Power Lens
Power Lens
Pass down the holder’s Sp. Attack IV 10 BP
Power Band
Power Band
Pass down the holder’s Sp. Defense IV 10 BP
Power Anklet
Power Anklet
Pass down the holder’s Speed IV 10 BP

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