Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Get Bike

This is our guide on how to find and upgrade the Bike in Pokemon Sword And Shield. In this guide, you will learn how to get the Bike, how to use it, and how to upgrade it. Bikes have been used in past Pokemon games as a means of getting around faster. They did have their limitations, only being able to be used outside naturally. The Bike in this game is no different, but it has its uses and can be upgraded.Pokemon-Sword-And-Shield-How-To-Get-The-Bike

How To Get The Bike In Pokemon Sword And Shield

The Bike is a story element that can’t be missed and can be acquired after the first gym.

  1. After beating the first gym located in Turffield you will want to go east onto Route 5.
  2. Halfway through this route you will come across a bridge, a couple of Team Yell members is hassling a man.
  3. If you defeat them the man will reward you with a bike.

Like I mentioned before, this Bike can not be missed and is a part of the main story, so you will be able to go through the story as normal without worries.Pokemon-Sword-And-Shield-Where-To-Find-The-Bike

How To Use The Bike In Pokemon Sw & Sh

Once you have the Bike in your possession, you can begin riding it by pressing “+” on your controller. You can dismount it by pressing the same button again. You can also activate a speed boost by pressing the “B” button; boosting does have a cooldown. The Bike can be upgraded to lower the amount of time this cool down takes, however. The Bike can only be used outdoors as always.

Note: You will know when you can boost again, an Audio Cue will play.

How To Upgrade Your Bike In Pokemon Sw & Sh

There are multiple upgrades you can apply to your Bike, most of them decrease the amount of time needed for the cooldown before you can boost again. One of them, however, allows you to cross bodies of water. To decrease the cooldown for boosting you can go to Watt Traders around the Region and ask them to upgrade your Bike, here you will spend Watts to upgrade it. If you want to upgrade your Bike to allow you to cross bodies of water, you will need to do the following:

  1. you will want to head to Route 9 past Circhester.
  2. On this Route, you will meet the man who initially gave you your Bike.
  3. He will then upgrade it to allow you to ride it across the water.

Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Upgrade The Bike

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