Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Find The Isle Of Armor DLC

Below is a quick guide on Accessing The Isle Of Armor DLC in Pokemon Sword And Shield. Here we will cover how to access the DLC from an existing save, a brand new save, and we will also list the main features of the DLC.


How To Find Isle Of Armor DLC In Pokemon Sw & Sh

If you have already played through most of the game, you will automatically receive this item when starting up; below, we will explain what you need to do with it.

  1. Download The Isle Of Armor DLC.
  2. Startup the game and you will be told you have the “Armor Pass” in your inventory.
  3. Go to Wedgehurst Station.
  4. Show the Armor Pass to the Rail Staff in the Station.

How To Access The DLC If You Started A New Game

However, if you have started a brand new game, you will have to complete a few requirements before you can access the DLC, below is the list of requirements.

  • Have Obtained a starter from Leon.
  • Received a Pokedex from Sonia.
  • Got the Dynamax Band from Professor Magnolia.

After you have checked off that list of requirements, below is a quick step by step on what to do next.

  1. Go to Wedgehurst Station and watch a cutscene play out.
  2. Talk to the Trainer who is speaking to the Rail Staff.
  3. A Galarian Slowpoke will appear, approach it, and catch it.
  4. Now talk to the Rail Staff and show them your Armor Pass, you will now have access to the DLC Area.

Main Features Of The Isle Of Armor DLC

Below are the main features that come with the DLC and are some things to keep in mind as you play through it.

  • The Pokemon you encounter will be scaled to the level of your party. (The highest leveled Pokemon in your party determines this.)
  • Kubfu, the Legendary Pokemon of this DLC, will always start at level 10.
  • Kubfu can be evolved into one of two different evolutions called (Single Strike) Urshifu and (Rapid Strike) Urshifu. They evolve by completing The Tower Of Darkness or Tower of Waters, respectively. (Since you only get one Kubfu you can only choose one evolution, so choose wisely.)

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