Pokemon Sword and Shield Digging Duo

This is all of our information on the Digging Duo in Pokemon Sword And Shield. You will learn who the Digging Duo is, where to find them, the differences in their stats, and what they can obtain.


Who Are The Digging Duo

The Digging Duo is a pair of brothers who you can pay to go excavating in a nearby cliff-side and find collectibles for you. They can find an array of rare and not so rare items that can be used to evolve your Pokemon or sell for extra money.

How To Find The Digging Duo In Pokemon Sword & Shield

The Digging Duo can be found in the Wild Area, near the Pokemon Nursery. Here are some steps to help you find them easier.

  1. Fly to Bridge Field
  2. Once you arrive at Bridge Field (Near the Nursery), you will want to go left, beside the wall
  3. The Digging Duo should be straight ahead from you


The Digging Duo will ask you for 500 Watts, the currency that can be found in the Wild Area if you want them to dig for items for you.

Differences Between Them

They have differences in stats depending on which Brother you are talking to, the one on the left (Closest to the Nursery) has less stamina than his Brother, but he will find rarer items. The Brother on the right has more stamina, so he will dig for longer but will find items that are not as rare.
Depending on which version you have, the brothers can obtain different items. (Pokemon Fossils are different in both versions)

Digging Duo Item Drop Rates in Pokemon Sw & Sh

Below we list all the items you can get from digging duo and their chance rate to drop. Mostly you will find Evolution Items and Fossils, which can be used to obtain Fossil Pokemon.

If you are looking for Fossils, I recommend the Skill Brother (Reward Focused), he is far more cost-efficient, but he gets tired quickly.


List Of Stamina Digging Duo Items

Dawn StoneDawn Stone3%
Dusk StoneDusk Stone2%
Sun StoneSun Stone4%
Moon StoneMoon Stone3%
Star PieceStar Piece4%
Fire StoneFire Stone4%
Ice StoneIce Stone2%
Water StoneWater Stone3%
Shiny StoneShiny Stone2%
Thunder StoneThunder Stone4%
Leaf StoneLeaf Stone4%
Float StoneFloat Stone3%
Ever StoneEverstone7%
Heat RockHeat Rock2%
Smooth RockSmooth Rock2%
Icy RockIcy Rock3%
Hard StoneHard Stone3%
Metal CoatMetal Coat1%
Iron BallIron Ball2%
Sticky BarbSticky Barb1%
Normal GemNormal Gem1%
Rare BoneRare Bone5%
Lagging TailLagging Tail1%
Soft SandSoft Sand4%
Star DustStar Dust17%
Fossilized FishFossilized FishShield Exclusive 4%
Fossilized BirdFossilized BirdSword Exclusive 4%
Fossilized DinoFossilized DinoSword Exclusive 4%
Fossilized DrakeFossilized DrakeShield Exclusive 4%
Damp RockDamp Rock2%
Light ClayLight Clay2%

List Of Skill Digging Duo Items

Dawn StoneDawn Stone4%
Dusk StoneDusk Stone3%
Sun StoneSun Stone4%
Moon StoneMoon Stone4%
Ice StoneIce Stone5%
Comet ShardComet Shard7%
Gold Bottle CapGold Bottle Cap0.05%
Bottle CapBottle Cap2%
Metal CoatMetal Coat4%
Iron BallIron Ball5%
Sticky BarbSticky Barb3%
Normal GemNormal Gem3%
Rare BoneRare Bone24%
Lagging TailLagging Tail4%
Light ClayLight Clay3%
Fossilized FishFossilized FishShield Common
Sword Rare
Fossilized BirdFossilized BirdSword Common
Shield Rare
Fossilized DinoFossilized DinoSword Common
Shield Rare
Fossilized DrakeFossilized DrakeShield Common
Sword Rare
Wishing PieceWishing Piece5%

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