Pokemon Sword And Shield Cram-O-Matic

This is all the information we have on the Cram-O-Matic in the isle of armor first expansion for Pokemon Sword And Shield. Here you will learn what the Cram-O-Matic is, how to unlock it, what its used for, and the different combinations of items you can give it.

What Is The Cram-O-Matic?

The Cram-O-Matic is a machine introduced in the isle of armor DLC expansion, its primary function is to be given 4 Items, and it will give you 1 item in return. Depending on the items you give it, will depend on what item you get in return.

How To Unlock The Cram-O-Matic In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Below are some quick steps on finding the machine and unlocking it, be aware that it will cost you 500 Watts.

  1. Find and enter the “Master Dojo”
  2. Travel to the right side of the main room.
  3. Talk to the person named “Hyde” and trade him 500 Watts to unlock the machine.

Now you are free to use the Cram-O-Matic and trade your less desirable items in for a possibly more needed one.

List Of Cram-O-Matic Recipes In Pokemon Sw & Sh

Below is a list of all Cram-O-Matic Recipes we know of, depending on the order you enter the items in, depends on your outcome, Because of this, there are hundreds of results, we will list as many as we can find.

Muscle BandChople BerryEXP. Candy XLMuscle FeatherBold Mint
Wishing PieceStrawberry SweetEnigma BerryRoseli BerrySunstone
Wishing Piece (2)Rocky HelmetAspear BerryMarange BerryLiechi Berry
Wishing Piece (3)Razor ClawEXP. Candy XLFirestoneMago Berry
Blunder PolicyLansat BerryPearl StringEverstoneSharp Beak
ProtectorRocky HelmetNuggetChoice ScarfJar Of Pure Incense
Macho BracePower AnkletPoison BarbSticky BarbTimid Mint
Electric SeedPeacha BerryIapapa BerryJaboca BerryRowap Berry
Scope LensZoom LensTart AppleSpell TagDawn Stone
Scope Lens (2)Black GlassesWhipped DreamMacho BraceMild Mint
Room Service VoucherStrawberry SweetAbsorb BulbApicot BerryHeavy Duty Boots
Bag Of Metal PowderBabiri BerryWacan BerryLeppa BerryBerry Sweet
SachetFlower SweetQualot BerryThunder SweetNugget
Star PieceOdd IncensePower AnkletMild MintTwisted Spoon
White HerbTiny MushroomFossilized FishQuiet MintFossilized Dino
TR 14 (Metronome)Chilan BerryHaban BerryWacan BerryNugget
TR 21 (Reversal)Armorite OreDragon FangJaboca BerryLonely Mint
TR 44 (Cosmic Power)Choice SpecsSmooth RockHeat RockApicot Berry
TR 46 (Iron Defense)Babiri BerryLax MintRawst BerryShuca Berry
TR 50 (Leaf Blade)Lax MintFire StoneFossilized DrakePoison Barb
TR 52 (Gyro Ball)Metal CoatPower AnkletMetronomeWhite Herb
TR 54 (Toxic Spikes)Black SludgePower BandBolt MintFloat Stone
TR 61 (Bug Buzz)Grip ClawFossilized BirdPower WeightMetronome
TR 69 (Zen Headbutt)Destiny knotImpish MintRibbon SweetBrave Mint
TR 77 (Grass Knot)LeekCell BatteryEject PackHaban Berry
TR 82 (Stored Power)Dawn StoneToxic OrbGrassy SeedSoothe Bell
TR 87 (Drill Run)Cracked PotSharp BeakLiechi BerryJolly Mint

This list is incomplete and will be updated as soon as more recipes are confirmed.

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