Pokemon Quest Tauros

pokemon quest Tauros
  • Attack Type Melee
  • Base ATK 600
  • Base HP 100
Pokedex EntryAfter heightening its will to fight by whipping itself with its three tails, it charges at full speed.

Pokemon Quest Tauros Evolutions

Tauros has no evolutions

Pokemon Quest Tauros Recipes

The best recipe for Tauros Pokemon Quest. Below you can find the ingredients for a special, very good, good and normal dish.

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Gray Porridge a la Cube Attracts Gray Pokemon
Chance Rate
Normal5x Fossil
Good4x Fossil 1x Icy Rock
Very Good2x Fossil 2x Balm Mushroom 1x Icy Rock
Special4x Balm Mushroom 1x Icy Rock
You have a chance to also recive from the Gray Porridge a la Cube
Plain Crepe a la Cube Attracts Normal Pokemon
Chance Rate
Normal3x Bulk Berry 2x Fossil
Good2x Bulk Berry 2x Fossil 1x Honey
Very Good2x Bulk Berry 1x Honey 2x Balm Mushroom
Special3x Honey 2x Balm Mushroom
You have a chance to also recive from the Plain Crepe a la Cube

Pokemon Quest Tauros Moves

Whats the best moves for Tauros Pokemon Quest?

ATK = Move Attack Damage
CD = Move Wait Time
Tier = Ranking (S = Best | F = Worst)
List of all the moves you can learn, the Tier Ranking will help you determine the Best Moves to learn.

Moves Description ATK CD
Take down
The user slams into enemies in front of itself with a reckless, full body charge, damaging all enemies hit by it. The user also takes recoil damage.
189 5
B Tier
Hyper beam
The user stores up power and then fires a tremendous beam at enemies. Deals severe damage to enemies it hits.
300 10
B Tier
The user moves about while creating a blizzard centered on itself. Deals damage to enemies around the user and sometimes freezes them.
52 5
D Tier
The user continuously breathes out long flames for a while. Deals damage to enemies as long as they remain in the flames. Sometimes burns enemies.
94 5
C Tier
Zen Headbutt
The user focuses its willpower to its head, then smashes it into enemies directly in front of itself, dealing damage to enemies hit by it.
370 5
C Tier
The user rampages about, attacking and damaging any enemies in its path. Sometimes confuses the user.
104 5
A Tier
Iron Tail
The user swings its steel hard tail, damaging surrounding enemies and sometimes raising the amount of damage they take.
67 5
C Tier
Giga Impact
The user focuses every bit of its power and charges toward enemies in front of itself, dealing huge damage to them.
176 5
B Tier
The user discharges tremendous electricity all around itself. Deals damage to enemies around the user. Sometimes paralyzes enemies.
80 5
C Tier

Pokemon Quest Tauros Bingo Sets

You can find the best bingo sets here.

Bingo Set 1
Movement Speed +30%
Critical Damage +5%
ATK of Normal-Type Moves +15%
Bingo Set 2
Critical Hit Rate +10%
Critical Damage +10%
Normal-Type Moves Wait -15%
Bingo Set 3
Wait for Standard Attacks -50%
Critical Damage +15%
ATK of Normal-Type Moves +20%