Pokemon Quest Gastly

pokemon quest Gastly
  • Attack Type Melee
  • Base ATK 150
  • Base HP 50
Pokedex EntryIts body is made of gas. Despite lacking substance, it can envelop an opponent of any size and cause suffocation.

Pokemon Quest Gastly Evolutions

pokemon quest Gastly
pokemon quest Gastly
pokemon quest Gastly

Pokemon Quest Gastly Recipes

The best recipe for Gastly Pokemon Quest. Below you can find the ingredients for a special, very good, good and normal dish.

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Gray Porridge a la Cube Attracts Gray Pokemon
Chance Rate
Normal5x Fossil
Good4x Fossil 1x Icy Rock
Very Good2x Fossil 2x Balm Mushroom 1x Icy Rock
Special4x Balm Mushroom 1x Icy Rock
You have a chance to also recive from the Gray Porridge a la Cube
Sludge Soup a la Cube Attracts Poison Pokemon
Chance Rate
Good3x Tiny Mushroom 1x Fossil 1x Balm Mushroom
Very Good2x Tiny Mushroom 2x Balm Mushroom 1x Icy Rock
Special1x Rainbow Matter 3x Balm Mushroom 1x Tiny Mushroom
You have a chance to also recive from the Sludge Soup a la Cube

Pokemon Quest Gastly Moves

Whats the best moves for Gastly Pokemon Quest?

ATK = Move Attack Damage
CD = Move Wait Time
Tier = Ranking (S = Best | F = Worst)
List of all the moves you can learn, the Tier Ranking will help you determine the Best Moves to learn.

Moves Description ATK CD
The user tries to startle enemies directly in front of itself, damaging those taken by surprise.
180 5
C Tier
Sucker Punch
The user briefly disappears and moves a short distance. It then charges toward enemies, damaging them.
130 5
C Tier
The user spews poison around itself, damaging enemies. Sometimes poisons enemies.
188 5
D Tier
The user licks enemies all around itself with its long tongue, damaging them. Sometimes paralyzes enemies.
233 5
C Tier

Pokemon Quest Gastly Bingo Sets

You can find the best bingo sets here.

Bingo Set 1
ATK of Ghost-Type Moves +5%
Ghost-Type Moves Wait -5%
Normal-Type Damage Taken -25%
Bingo Set 2
ATK of Ghost-Type Moves +20%
Poison Chance -100%
Fighting-Type Damage Taken -25%
Bingo Set 3
ATK +500
Ghost-Type Moves Wait -20%
Ground-Type Damage Taken -50%