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Pokemon Lets Go Zapdos

Zapdos Pokedex ID: 145
StatAmountBar Graph
Max CP580
Special Attack125
Special Defense90


Pokemon Let's Go Zapdos is a Electric and Flying Type pokemon also known as a Electric Pokémon, first discovered in the Kanto region. it's weak against Rock, Ice type moves and has a Max CP of 580, 90 HP, 90 Attack, 125 SP Attack, 85 Defense, 90 SP Defense and 100 Speed. Considering it's stats, the best nature to have is Mild, this will increase it's Sp. Atk and decrease it's Defense stats.

Pokedex Entry

This legendary bird Pokémon causes savage thunderstorms by flapping its glittering wings.

Pokemon Lets Go Zapdos Evolutions

What level does Pokemon Let's Go Zapdos Evolve at?

Currently there is no evolutions for this Pokémon in Let's Go.


How to catch Zapdos in Pokemon Let's Go

Where to catch and find Pokemon Lets Go Zapdos Locations and their Spawn Rate Chance for that Zone.

The best place to find pokemon let's go Zapdos is in the Route 22 zone, it will have a Rare Spawn% chance to spawn in the area with a level range of 03-04. This also makes Route 22 the best place to Catch Combo Chain hunt Shiny Zapdos or for a Flawless IV Stats.

PokemonAreaSpawn ChanceLevelsEncounterFloor
Route 22Rare Spawn03-04normal1F
Route 23Rare Spawn41-46normal1F
Route 24Rare Spawn07-12normal1F
Route 25Rare Spawn09-14normal1F

The list above shows all the spawn locations of this pokemon and it's evolution forms.

How to Catch Zapdos will require you to defeat Koga Gym Leader for Fuchsia City, this will allow you to travel using Sea Skim (Surf).
You can find the Zapdos at the Power Plant.
  1. Go to Route 10
  2. Use Sea Skim (Surf) to navigate to the Power Plant visible from Route 10.
When you battle Zapdos it will be Level 50. This is by far one of the best Electric Type Pokemon in the game.
We recommend using the following pokemon when battling Zapdos: Golem, Rhydon, and even Onix

Transferring and Catching

The type of Pokemon Candy you receive from Transferring and Catching Zapdos.

Best Nature for Zapdos

We recommend a Mild Nature for Zapdos, you can visit Madam Celadon to force encounter pokemon of Mild Nature.

NatureIncreasesDecreasesChoice 1Choice 2
MildSp. AtkDefenseBlueYellow

Pokemon Lets Go Zapdos Moves

Level Up Moves

Pokemon Let's Go Zapdos Moves You Learn From Leveling Up.

1PeckFlyingPhysical3535100%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
1Thunder ShockElectricSpecial4030100%deals damage and has a 10% chance of paralyzing the target.
8Thunder WaveElectricNone--20100%Paralyzes the target.
16LeerNormalNone--30100%Lowers the target's Defense by one stage.
24Drill PeckFlyingPhysical8020100%Inflicts regular damage with no additional effect.
32ThunderboltElectricSpecial9515100%Has a 10% chance to paralyze the target.
40AgilityPsychicNone--30--Raises the user's Speed by two stages.
48Light ScreenPsychicNone--30--Reduces damage from special attacks by 50% for five turns..
56RoostFlyingNone--10--User recovers half of its max HP and loses the Flying type temporarily.
64ThunderElectricSpecial9515100%Has a 10% chance to paralyze the target.
72Sky AttackFlyingPhysical140590%User charges for one turn before attacking. Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.

Learnable TMs Moves

These are the Technical Machines (TM) Moves that Zapdos can Learn.

TM1HeadbuttNormalPhysical7015100%Has a 30% chance to make the target flinch.
TM5RestPsychicNone--10--User sleeps for two turns, completely healing itself.
TM6Light ScreenPsychicNone--30--Reduces damage from special attacks by 50% for five turns..
TM7ProtectNormalNone--10--prevents any attacks targeted at the user from striking, for the duration of the turn. It has priority +4 so will activate before most other moves.
TM8SubstituteNormalNone--10--Transfers 1/4 of the user's max HP into a doll, protecting the user from further damage or status changes until it breaks.
TM9ReflectPsychicNone--20--Reduces damage from physical attacks by half.
TM12FacadeNormalPhysical7020100%deals damage, and hits with double power (140) if the user is burned, poisoned or paralyzed.
TM14FlyFlyingPhysical901595%User flies high into the air, dodging all attacks, and hits next turn.
TM16Thunder WaveElectricNone--20100%Paralyzes the target.
TM18U-turnBugPhysical7020100%User switches out immediately after attacking.
TM27ToxicPoisonNone--1090%Badly poisons the target, inflicting more damage every turn.
TM36ThunderboltElectricSpecial9515100%Has a 10% chance to paralyze the target.
TM38ThunderElectricSpecial9515100%Has a 10% chance to paralyze the target.
TM48Hyper BeamNormalSpecial150590%User foregoes its next turn to recharge.
TM50RoostFlyingNone--10--User recovers half of its max HP and loses the Flying type temporarily.

Master Trainer

This pokemon does NOT have a Zapdos Master Trainer in Let's Go

Weak Against
Strong Against