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These Golden Guns Season Rewards are earned exclusively in competitive mode. These Weapon Skin Season Rewards are purely cosmetic rewards that only effect the weapons of Overwatch heroes. Below we have a gallery of all the new Weapon Skin season rewards for each hero.

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How Do I Get Golden Weapon Skins?

These Gold Weapon skins will cost players 3000 competitive points each. These points are earned in the Upcoming Competitive Play Mode, upon winning during the competitive season. Which will last at least three months in Overwatch.


First, you must be at least level 25 or higher to begin playing Competitive Play in Overwatch.

Before Players can begin earning competitive points. You’ll need to play 10 placement matches before receiving a skill rating, and ranks will be numbered from 1 to 100 (with 1 being the lowest rank and 100 being the highest). Winning and losing will cause a player’s rank to go up and down.

Golden Weapon Earning Rate

Players at the end of a season will get a lump sum of Competitive Points. Currently, this is tuned so that the top players should outright get a gold weapons at the end of the season while the rest of us might work our way part of the way there.


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Unlock Golden Weapon Skin Rewards Fast and Easily.

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