League of Legends Ardent Censer

League of Legends Ardent Censer is a Legendary item that costs 630 Gold. This item is 102.39% gold efficient based on its 60 Ability Power, 10% Heal and Shield Power, 100% base Mana regeneration Stats. You will see Ardent Censer often built on Support champions.

League of Legends Ardent Censer

Ardent Censer Guide

Support Item

Legendary Tier

Ardent Censer Stats and Effects

What does Ardent Censer do?

Item StatsItem Effects
Ardent Censer LoL Ardent Censer
+ 60 Ability Power
+ 10% Heal and Shield Power
+ 100% base Mana regeneration
Unique - SANCTIFY: Healing or shielding an allied champion enhances you and affected allies with 10% - 30% (based on target's level) bonus attack speed and 5 - 20 (based on target's level) bonus magic damage on-hit on basic attacks for 6 seconds.
Ardent Censer Build Path

You will need a Forbidden Idol + Blasting Wand + 630 gold to complete Ardent Censer. You can sell this Legendary item for a reduced price of 1610 gold.


LoL Ardent Censer Builds

What champions build Ardent Censer in LoL?

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