League of Legend Hextech Crafting | List of All Crafting Materials

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What is Hextech Crafting In League of Legends? Well for starters you earn a variety of cosmetics such as Champion Skins and Summoner Icons for free. You also can unlock NEW Champions using shards and Essence Loot Materials. Below have a complete Hextech Crafting and Loot Materials Guide for Upcoming League of Legends Crafting Events.

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Our LoL Crafting Guide is kept up to date with the newest released drop rates.

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LoL Hextech Crafting

As you might suspect LoL Hextech Crafting in is a gameplay reward system, players can earn various crafting materials during the time playing the game. After enough or the right materials are obtained, players can cash them in and unlock Champions, Skins, Icons, Wards and various other rewards.

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Riot has published the drop rates on their Hextech Crafting loot box system in League of Legends, ahead of China’s upcoming transparency laws.

Crafting Materials Drop Rate
Hero Shard 14.61%
Skin Shard 45.13%
Permanent Heroes 7%
Permanent Skin 29.25%
Summoner Icons 2%
Ward Skins 2%

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Riot KR Korea has published the drop rates on their Hextech Crafting loot box system in League of Legends.

Hextech Rewards Drop Rate
Hextech Annie, Soul Stealer Vayne etc. Shards 0.05%
390 RP – 975 RP Skins Shards 10.0% – 22.00%
1350 RP & 1820 RP Skins Shards 5.0% – 7.0%
3250 RP Skins Shards 6.50% – 9.25%
Ward Skins Shards, Summoner Icons, Gems 3.0% – 5.5%


Hextech Chest

Players earn a Hextech Mastery Chest whenever they or a member of their pre-made party earn an S-, S or S+ Mastery Score,  while they are playing a champion eligible to earn a chest and have an available chest slot. Players can have up to 4 Chest Slots and regenerate at the rate of one chest slot every 7 days, shown in your Summoner Profile via the LoL Client.

  • Players can only earn one chest per champion per ranked season.
  • Players can Purchase Hextech Chests in the Store for 125 Riot Points.
  • Chests can only be Unlock with a Hextech Key.

Hextech Key

Key Fragments can be earned with each victory, you then craft 3 fragments together and make a Hextech Key.

  • Increased drop rate the more players you have in a premade party.
  • Mastery Grade does not affect Key Fragment drop rates.


MasterWork Chest
masterwork chest lol

  • 1 Masterwork Chest = 165RP
  • 1 Masterwork Chest and Key Bundle = 225 RP
  • 5 Masterwork Chests & Keys + Bonus Essence =1125 RP
  • 10 Masterwork Chests & Keys + Bonus Set = 2250 RP

Masterwork Chest Drop Rates

Masterwork chest drop rates
Masterwork chest drop rates lol


Hextech Crafting Materials

Every time you open a chest you will receive LoL Crafting Materials, these can be used in various ways and unlock cosmetics and champions.

Hextech Materials Used For
Champion Essence
  • Upgrading Champion Shards into Permanent Champion Unlock.
  • Used To Unlock Tier 6 and Tier 7 Champion Mastery.
Cosmetic Essence
  • Upgrading Champion Skin Shards into Permanent Skin Unlocks.
Rare Gem
  • Can be consumed to obtain 1 Hextech Chest and 1 Key.
  • 10x Rare Gem Stones can Unlock Hextech Annie, Soulstealer Vayne or Dreadnova Darius Skins.
  • 5x Rare Gems Unlocks the Hextech Ward.
Champion Shard
  • Combine with Champion Essence To Permanently Unlock Champions.
  • You can Activate a Shard for a 7-day rental. *
  • You can Disenchant to obtain Champion Essence*
  • You can Reroll 3 Champion Shards to create a Random Permanent Champion. *
Skin Shard
  • Combine with Cosmetic Essence To Permanently Unlock Skins.
  • You can Activate a Shard for a 7-day rental. *
  • You can Disenchant to obtain Cosmetic Essence*
  • You can Reroll 3 Skin Shards to create a Random Permanent Cosmetic. *

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LoL Crafting Materials

As you complete your League of Legends Missions you will receive various materials as rewards. These Mission Rewards can range from Key Fragments to Summoner Icons and even Gem Stones.

Players also have the option to Purchase Materials and other Crafting Items via the In-Game Shop.


Arcade Boss World Crafting

Tickets are earned from completing Missions or Purchasing them in the Store.

League-of-Legends-Arcade-Boss-World-Crafting-EventYou can spend those Tickets on Arcade Boss World Loot Items that will guarantee some rewards and have a chance for others such as LoL Crafting Materials.

You can view all of the Arcade Boss World Missions Here:

Arcade Boss World Loot What You Get

Mega Orb
Cost: 150 Tickets
Cost: 295 Riot Points
  • Guranteed To Receive: Legacy Skin Shard
  • Chance To Receive: Mega Orb, Gemstone x2Lancer Zero Hecarim Skin Shard

Great Orb
Cost: 120 Tickets
Cost: 250 Riot Points
  • Guranteed To Receive: Skin Shard
  • Chance To Receive: Great Orb, GemstoneDreadnova Darius Skin Shard

Good Orb
Cost: 80 Tickets
Cost: 150 Riot Points
  • Guranteed To Receive One Of The Following: Champion Shard, Summoner Icon, Ward Skin Shard
  • Chance To Receive: Good Orb, GemstoneHextech Annie Skin Shard

Battle Boss Baron Icon
with Event Emote)
Cost: 80 Tickets
  • You will also receive an In-Game Emote for the duration of the Event.
    (Event Ends 9/11/17)
Key Fragment
Cost: 40 Tickets
10 Blue Essence
Cost: 10 Tickets

You can also purchase the Good Orb, Great Orb, and Mega Orb via Store during the LoL Arcade Boss World Crafting Event.

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Are you ready for the NEW Honor System?

Expected to launch with patch 7.13, check out what’s under development and the type of Honor Rewards you can receive.

LoL Honor Update

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Level 4 Honor System LoL

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What to find what the strongest champions are this patch?

Best Champions

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