League of Legend Missions | List of Mission Rewards

These LoL Missions Reward players with Gem Stones, Hextech Chest and even Summoner Icons.

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Hextech-Chest-LoL Hextech Missions

 Arcade Boss World Missions

 Legendary VS Missions

LoL Missions

There will be different types of LoL Missions available to players, and then there are some that will require specific summoner icons. This is the case with the “banner of the serpent” Summoner Icon, allowing you to complete the Serpent Acolyte.

Mission Types Description How To Complete
Chain Mission These are indicated by the (1/3) next to their name.
Completing one of these may disable the other chain mission.
Playing 1 game as a specific champion.
Schedule Missions These will be available during specific days. Completion on the specific date.
Completion Objective The objective is an accumulation of completing other Missions Multiple Mission Completions
KDA Objective The objective is kills/assists Get 10 Kills or Assists
Map Missions Completion is required on a specific map Completing on one of the following Maps:
-Summoners Rift
-Twisted Treeline
-Howling Abyss
Summoner Icon Missions These will require you to have a specific Summoner Icon to Complete. Summoner Icon Required

Arcade Boss World Missions

To start the Arcade Boss World Missions you will need to complete the first Mission Villains Rule! This will unlock the Event Exclusive New Level Icon and access to the other Missions Lines.

These are the other various Aracde Icons you can have equipped to complete the other LoL Missions.
League of Legends Arcade Icons

You can Purchase TWO passes during this event and each will unlock additional other lol mission lines and a daily.

Arcade Boss World Passes

Below is a list of the extra Arcade Boss World Missions You will unlock from purchasing the Passes.

LoL Arcade Missions

Completing these Arcade Boss World Mission will Unlock Tickets which you can then use to Craft Orbs.

You can learn about the Arcade Boss World Orb Rewards Here:

Arcade Boss World Crafting

League of Legend Missions

LoL Mission List

LoL Mission Rewards

As you complete your League of Legends Missions you will receive various rewards. These Mission Rewards can range from Key Fragments to Summoner Icons and even Gem Stones.

Mission Name Mission Rewards How To Complete
A Legend Rises Key Fragment
Key Fragments LoL
Get 10 Kills and/or Assists
Reach the Peak Gemstone
Gemstone LoL
Complete 3 other missions
Serpent Acolyte Hextech Chest
Hextech Chest LoL
(Must own the Banner of the Serpent Summoner Icon.)
Win 2 games with at least 10 Kills and/or Assists
Thief of Time (1/3) Project Ekko Icon
Project Ekko Icon
(Completing this will disable Shield of Light.)
Play 1 Game as Ekko
Shield of Light (1/3) Project Leona Icon
Project Leona Icon
(Completing this will disable Thief of Time.)
Play 1 game as Leona

 In some cases players will have to choose between missions, since completing one will disable the other.

Are you ready for the NEW Honor System?

Expected to launch with patch 7.13, check out what’s under development and the type of Honor Rewards you can receive.

LoL Honor Update

Level 4 Honor System LoL

Legendary Versus Missions

The Legendary Versus Missions For Order and Chaos Event. Players will earn Chaos and Order Token from completing Missions, you can then spend these tokens to unlock Key Fragments, Champion Skins, Summoner Icons and Temporary Chaos Emote.

You Can View The Guide To The Entire Event Here:

Versus Event Guide

Legendary Versus Missions: Chaos

One Blade, One Purpose
Completing this mission disables Awakened
Win 1 Matchmade Game with a Chaos Icon Equipped 10 Chaos Tokens

The-Way-of-Chaos-Pass-LoL The Way of Chaos Pass contains the following missions:

Chaos Missions How To Complete Rewards
Master of Chaos (1/3) Win 2 games with at least 5 kills or 10 assists 40 Chaos Tokens
Master of Chaos (2/3)

Get 60 Kills and/or Assists

Master of Chaos (3/3)

Kill 2,000 Minions with your team

60 Chaos Tokens

Novice of Chaos (1/3) Win 1 game with a Yasuo on either team.
Get 8 kills and/or Assists in 1 game.
Hextech Key
Novice of Chaos (2/3) Collect 20,000 gold; Win 2 Summoner’s Rift games Hextech Chest
Novice of Chaos (3/3) Play 1 game as Yasuo; Get 15 Kills and/or Assists in 1 game 40 Chaos Tokens

Legendary Versus Missions: Order

Completing this mission disables One Blade, One Purpose
Win 1 Matchmade Game with an Order Icon Equipped 10 Order Tokens

The-Way-of-Order-Pass-LoL The Way of Order Pass contains the following missions:

Order Missions How To Complete Rewards
Master of Order (1/3) Win 2 games with at least 5 kills or 10 assists 40 Order Tokens
Master of Order (2/3) Get 60 kills and/or assists. Gemstone
Master of Order (3/3)

Collect 75,000 gold

60 Order Tokens

Novice of Order (1/3) Win 1 game with a Riven on either team.
Get 8 kills and/or Assists in 1 game.
Hextech Key
Novice of Order (2/3) Kill 1,200 Minions with your team
Win Two Summoners Rift Games
Hextech Chest
Novice of Order (3/3) Play 1 matchmade game as Riven; Get 15 Kills and/or Assists in 1 game 40 Order Tokens

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