Pokemon Quest Sandshrew

pokemon quest Sandshrew
  • Attack Type Melee
  • Base ATK 120
  • Base HP 80
Pokedex EntryIt burrows and lives underground. If threatened, it curls itself up into a ball for protection.

Pokemon Quest Sandshrew Evolutions

pokemon quest Sandshrew
pokemon quest Sandshrew

Pokemon Quest Sandshrew Recipes

The best recipe for Sandshrew Pokemon Quest. Below you can find the ingredients for a special, very good, good and normal dish.

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Yellow Curry a la Cube Attracts Yellow Pokemon
Chance Rate
Normal5x Apricorn
Good4x Apricorn 1x Big Root
Very Good2x Apricorn 2x Honey 1x Big Root
Special4x Honey 1x Big Root
You have a chance to also recive from the Yellow Curry a la Cube
Mud Pie a la Cube Attracts Ground Pokemon
Chance Rate
Normal3x Tiny Mushroom 2x Fossil
Good2x Bulk Berry 2x Fossil 1x Balm Mushroom
Very Good2x fossil 2x Big Root 1x Balm Mushroom
Special2x Icy Rock 3x Balm Mushroom
You have a chance to also recive from the Mud Pie a la Cube

Pokemon Quest Sandshrew Moves

Whats the best moves for Sandshrew Pokemon Quest?

ATK = Move Attack Damage
CD = Move Wait Time
Tier = Ranking (S = Best | F = Worst)
List of all the moves you can learn, the Tier Ranking will help you determine the Best Moves to learn.

Moves Description ATK CD
The user digs a tunnel to travel beneath the feet of enemies in front of itself, then pops out from beneath them to damage them.
243 5
A Tier
The user creates a sandstorm around itself, damaging enemies hit by it.
117 5
C Tier
The user rakes its hard, pointed claws over enemies directly in front of itself, damaging them.
231 5
B Tier
Metal Claw
The user rakes enemies in front of itself with its steel claws, dealing damage. Sometimes raises the amount of damage the user deals.
211 5
B Tier
The user spins around, damaging surrounding enemies it smashes into.
130 5
C Tier

Pokemon Quest Sandshrew Bingo Sets

You can find the best bingo sets here.

Bingo Set 1
Movement Speed +30%
Critical Damage +5%
Taking Critical Hits Rate -10%
Bingo Set 2
Movement Speed +50%
Critical Hit Rate +15%
Taking Critical Hits Rate -20%
Bingo Set 3
Movement Speed +50%
ATK +550
Taking Critical Hits Rate -30%