League of Legend Showdown Best Champions Tier List

Welcome to our League of Legends Showdown Best Champions Tier List, here we will list using a ranking system the worst and the Best Champions in Showdown 1v1 and 2v2 game mode. we will also walk through the strategies and summoner spells players are using to win.

League of Legends Showdown Best Champions Tier List

First, before we dive into the lol showdown tier list, let’s make sure we understand different ways you can win in this 1v1/2v2 game mode.

  • First Blood – (You score a first blood or in the case of 2v2 get 2 kills.)
  • Reach 100 CS – (First player to reach 100 cs will automatically win.)
  • First Enemy Turret Destroyed – (If you demolish the enemy turret you will score a win.)

These are the 3 paths to victory in the Showdown Game Mode, and with so many items, champions and player strategies there will be even more ways to win. Here we will focus on the best champions overall and some of the developing strategies players are using.

Best Showdown Champions

Surprisingly enough what works in 1v1 might not work as well in 2v2, this even truer when you consider the synergy of an ADC + Support Duo 2v2. For this reason, we will have two Showdown Best Champion Tier List below one for 1v1 and the other 2v2.

LoL 1v1 Showdown Best Champions

This part of the tier list is pretty straightforward, for the most part, Ranged Damage Champions (ADC) has an easier time CSing, TowDestroyinging, and overall lane phase. Sustain has a strong place as well such as Cho’Gath, Gangplank, Gragas can stay in lane longer that means more CS and tower Damage.

  • S-Tier  ChogathCassiopeia  
  • A-Tier GangplankYasuoZyraAnnie
  • B-Tier RengarRivenRenektonGragas
  • C-Tier  PantheonOlaf

LoL 1v1 Showdown Best Summoner Spells

  • Exhaust – AD Carry
  • Mark/Snowball – Bruiser
  • Flash – Any


LoL 2v2 Showdown Best Champions

2v2 is not as easy as just pick 2 strong champions and you’re done, duo picks with synergy will almost always be stronger and have an easier time. Below we will focus on the Best 2v2 Showdown Duo Champions and will be ranked as pairs.

Win Condition: Wombo Combo (Press R and Win)

Brand – Annie – Orianna – Malphite

BrandAnnie Malphite

Win Condition: Snare CC

Morgana + Lux


Win Condition: Synergy

Lucian + Braum


Win Condition: The Bully Play

The main synergy here is their jump abilities, for example, the strongest synergy is using Pantheon to land W Stun with a Lee Sin W shield followed by an easy Q Combo setup.

Pantheon – Rengar – Camille – Xin Zhao – Wukong – Jax – Lee Sin – Jarvan IV

RengarPantheon WukongLeeSin

Win Condition: The Oki Poki

Ziggs – Jayce – Zyra – Vel’Koz – Xerath


Win Condition: Synergy

Xayah + Rakan


As soon as more information is available this page will be updated with the newest Duo Picks and Meta Champion Picks.

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