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Red Dead Redemption 2 Channel Catfish

Red Dead Redemption 2 Channel Catfish
Channel Catfish
Class Fish
Size Fish

Quick Overview

Red Dead Redemption 2 Channel Catfish can be fished using a bait or lure, which you can purchase from the Bait and Tackle shop. You can cook it into a Gritty Fish meal or Mail them to Jeremy Gill for rewards.

  • Regular Weight - 14.0 - 20.0 lbs

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Channel Catfish Locations

    The best lures or bait to use when fishing for Channel Catfish in Red Dead 2.

    • Swamp Lure

    Regular Channel Catfish Locations

    • Found in Swamps - Overcast
    RDR2 Channel Catfish Locations

    There's currently no Legendary version of this animal.

    Channel Catfish

    • Channel Catfish lurk deep in muddy swamp waters, where aquatic plants provide shade and cover.
    • Large, with a keen sense of smell, they find Swamp Lures irresistible but ignore most natural baits.
    • They dislike bright sunlight, being most active in overcast weather.
    • In the Rio Bravo border region, the local folklore tells of a colossal Legendary Channel Catfish, but there are no official records of such a creature.

    Locations where you can find:


    Legendary Channel Catfish

    • The Legendary Channel Catfish is rumored to inhabit in the San Luis River.
    • Fishermen have tried for years to catch this fish but no one has ever been successful.
    • Reports suggest that this fish prefers overcast weather.
    • The size of this Legendary Catfish could be over ninety inches long and weighing around one-hundred and eighty pounds, which might be why this catfish has never been, and may never be, caught.

    Locations where you can find:


    Channel Catfish Cooking Recipes

    Cooking recipes you can use with this animal.

    Recipe Name Regular Thyme Type Oregano Type Mint Type
    Gritty Fish Gritty Fish None None None

    Channel Catfish Materials

    The materials you will receive from hunting and skinning an Channel Catfish will depend on the animal quality and kill quality.

    Material Cost Kill Quality