Pokemon Lets Go Key Items

Welcome to our Pokemon Lets Go Key Items List, here you can view how to get certain key items that will help you along your journey.


Pokemon Let’s Go Key Items

We have included a complete list of all the Pokemon Lets Go Key Items, such as the Bicycle which will double your travel speed and even the notorious Helix Fossil.

Key ItemsWhat It Does
Dome FossilUsed to obtain Kabuto in Cinnabar Island Lab
Helix FossilUsed to obtain Omanyte in Cinnabar Island Lab
Bike VoucherExchanged for a free bike at Cerulean Bike Shop
BicycleYou can travel at double speed
Coin CaseYou can hold up to 9,999 Casino coins
Old AmberUsed to obtain Aerodactyl in Cinnabar Island lab
Poke FluteUsed to wake up Snorlax
S. S. TicketTicket to enter the S.S. Anne
Silph ScopeMakes Ghosts Pokemon visible in the Pokemon Tower


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