Pokemon GO Transfer to Pokemon Lets Go


Welcome to our Pokemon GO Transfer To Pokemon Lets GO Guide. Players of the popular Mobile game Pokemon GO will be able to transfer their favorite Pokemon over to Nintendo newest game to be released on the Switch console Pokemon Let’s Go.

Pokemon Lets GO Transfer Pokemon GO



Before we walk you through how to begin transferring some of your extra pokemon, it’s important that you know that once you Transfer from the Mobile Pokemon GO game you CANNOT send it back. This means it only goes one way, ONLY Pokemon Go Pokemon can be transferred to Let’s Go. Its also important to note that the Pokemon Stats will be Rerolled, so don’t waste a good Pokemon since it will be rerolled.


Players will Unlock access to the GO Park after they have reached the Fuchsia City. There are around 20 Parks, each can hold up to 50 Pokemon. There is no limit on how many Pokemon Per day you can transfer from Pokemon GO, there is, however, a restriction what you can transfer.

  • Only Gen 1 (This includes Alolan Pokemon)
  • Meltan & Melmetal
  • Cannot send Mew, Mewtwo or any Pikachu Custome


How To Connect Let’s Go to Pokemon GO

the second step is connecting your Pokemon Let’s Go with your PoGO Account by completing the following steps:

  1. Press X to open the Pause Menu and then press Y to open Settings
  2. Click Pokémon GO
  3. The game will ask you if you would like to pair with Pokémon GO, select Yes
  4. The game will verify the trainer you are connecting with. If it is correct, select Yes

If you followed the steps correctly you should be connected


How To Connect Pokemon GO to Let’s Go

The first step is connecting your PoGO Account to your Nintendo Switch Pokemon Let’s Go, this done by completing the following steps:

  1. Tap the Pokéball Icon
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Scroll down and tap “Nintendo Switch”
  4. Tap “Connect to Nintendo Switch”


How To Send Pokemon GO to Let’s Go

Once you have completed the first two steps of connecting each device you can now send Pokemon GO Pokemon to your Let’s Go Game.

  1. Tap the Pokéball Icon in POGO
  2. Tap Pokémon
  3. Tap the Nintendo Switch icon in the upper right corner [ Image of a Nintendo switch console]
  4. Select your Pokémon to send [Send Multiple by Holding the press]
  5. After you select your Pokémon to send, the game will ask “Do you want to send these Pokémon?”
  6. You should receive a message that the Pokémon has been sent if it worked correctly

(Note: Pokemon GO Players will receive 1 Candy per Pokémon that is sent into Let’s Go)




How To Get Pokemon GO Pokemon You Sent Into Let’s Go

Now for the final and best part, how to get the pokemon in let’s go that you sent from Pokemon GO.

  1. In Pokémon GO Park, speak to the receptionist and select “Bring Pokémon”
  2. Select an area you want to send the Pokémon
  3. Select “Pick Up”
  4. The game will ask if you wish to receive a Pokémon, select Yes
  5. The game will give you a screen saying the Pokémon has been received if it worked correctly.


Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let’s GO

You can send Pokémon from the Kanto Pokedex that you caught in Pokémon GO, they will appear in Let’s Go within the area known as the “GO Park”. When players visit this area they can interact with the Pokémon and then capture them.

go park
Interactions with Pokemon GO (Mobile)

  • Pokemon GO Transfer to Pokemon Lets Go of ONLY Kanto Pokemon (This includes Alolan Forms)

Players will also have access to other activities in the GO Park.

  • Play Minigames to earn extra Candies
  • Power up pokemon by battling
  • Transfer extra pokemon for more Candies
  • Challenge Legendary Pokemon, defeating them will give you chance to capture them.

The reason you are probably here trying to connect you pokemon go account to Let’s Go is for Meltan and the evolution Melmetal.

NEW Device that is confirmed compatible with both Pokemon Let’s GO and Pokemon GO.
Pokeball Plus

  • Players will receive the pokemon MEW with their Pokeball Plus purchase, found within the Pokeball itself.

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Not sure who evolves from what? Have a look at our Evolution Chart.

Pokemon Lets Go Evolution Chart

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