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Overwatch players around the world all got one question. When Does Season 6 Start in Overwatch, this is important for competitive play players who are serious about ranking up. Currently, Blizzard has a short period between Season Start and End. This allows players time to receive their rewards and blizzard the time needed to ready for the next overwatch season start.


When Overwatch Season 6 Starts a couple of things will happen:

  1. Players will have to Complete 10 Placement Matches.
  2. Once placed, players will notice their Competitive Play Skill Rating was soft reset, meaning some of your previous Skill Rating carried over but not all of it.

Overwatch Season 6 Start

There is no exact date for when does season 6 start yet, we do however have plenty of details regarding when to expect Overwatch Season 6 Starts.

Season 6 Start Date: TBA
Competitive Play Season Length: 2-3 Months

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 After 10 Placement Matches, you will be given a Skill Rating. This Overwatch Season 6 Start Skill Rating will reflect your skill rating from the previous season. For Example, if you were 71 skill rating previously, you will most likely end up after placement matches similar to your previous season rating.

  • Skill Rating Tiers
    • Players will now be assigned to a tier, depending on their skill rating
      • Bronze  – 1-1499
      • Silver – 1500-1999
      • Gold – 2000-2499
      • Platinum – 2500-2999
      • Diamond – 3000-3499
      • Master – 3500-3999
      • Grandmaster – 4000-5000

Now for the best part, The Overwatch Season Rewards that players are expected to earn during OW Season 6! Cosmetic rewards like sprays, player icons, and other visual items are earned for players who participate in the Competitive play.

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