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Overwatch players ask when does season 5 end in Overwatch competitive play? Since the season length is only 2-3 months, players will need time to earn their rewards. Luckily Blizzard has announced the Overwatch Season 5 End Date ahead of time.

First, let’s talk about what happens when Overwatch Season 5 Ends.

  1. Players will receive their Season 5 End Rewards.
  2. Season 6 will begin shortly after.
  3. Players will undergo 10 Placement Matches again before they can play competitive play in the Next Season.

Overwatch Season 5 End

Overwatch Season 5 End Date:
25 August, 2017

Season 1Started June 28, 2016Ended on August 18, 2016
Season 2Started September 1, 2016Ended on November 24, 2016
Season 3Started December 1, 2016Ended on February 22, 2017
Season 4Started March 1, 2017Ended on May 29, 2017
Season 5Started May 31, 2017Ends on August 28, 2017
Season 6Starts August 31, 2017Ends on TBA

Overwatch Players will simply earn Rewards for participating in competitive play. While other rewards require certain skill ratings from players before the can earn them. below we list the rewards earned from simply participating in Season 5.

While other rewards require certain skill ratings within the competitive play mode at the end of the season in Overwatch.

below we list the rewards earned from simply participating in OW Season 5. You can view all of the season 5 end rewards and how to unlock them using our Overwatch Rewards Guide.

Overwatch Rewards Guide

Overwatch Season 5 End Player Icon Reward: Unlocked by completing all 10 placement matches before Season 4 ends.

Need help from a pro player completing your Overwatch Placement Matches?

Placement Matches

Reach any Skill Rating in Overwatch and Unlock more exclusive Rewards.

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